Poetry: Bloom

There are those who bloom like daffodils. They wait beneath the soil Until eventually, in springtime, they burst out with little toil. They’re bright like evening sunsets, yellow and orange and green,  But in winter, when you need them, they’re never to be seen.   There are those who bloom like roses, crawling out from […]


Contribution writer Blaise Devane recounts her past dislike of mushrooms and how she learned to love the object of her childhood hatred. While “all mushrooms are edible – but some only once” is a sage piece of advice, I think it’s time we loosen the restrictions a little bit. I’m not suggesting we all go […]

Gardening in Cork City: Korean Natural Farming to Student Led Gardening

Sarah O’Mahony delves into the gardening pursuits of proud Corkonians including Cork Rooftop Farm and UCC Community Garden.   Cork pride is nothing new to us. It often translates into to great initiatives being run which foster the city’s sense of community: the Save Cork City campaign which opposes flood defences being built along the […]

Mushrooms in Folklore and Fairytales

Contributing writer Jessica Anne Rose explores the wonderful world of mushrooms in Irish mythology, literature and the cottagecore aesthetic. In many illustrations of mythical creatures such as fairies, you will often find red and white speckled mushrooms accompanying them. This easily identifiable ‘fly agaric’ mushroom has made its way into mainstream fashion thanks to the […]

The Gospel According to Shiitake

Contributing writer Seán Dunne discusses the wonders of fungi and why mushrooms are the future.   I once had a friend who told me that mushrooms were the future. It seemed like such an unlikely thing to say that I started saying it myself. Through the open corridors of life I screamed and screamed and […]

Other Voices: Pretty Happy Interview

Motley’s Features and Opinions Editor Édith de Faoite and Fashion Editor Justine Lepage interview Cork-based band Pretty Happy. They discuss the Cork music scene, politics in the art-punk genre and their love of stuffed mushrooms.    As a proud Kerry woman, nothing warms my heart more than hearing praise for my home county. When we […]