Breaking In

The prison industrial complex has been shaping criminal justice for decades, writes Lauren Mulvihill – but what are the implications? It’s unusual to hear of anyone trying to break in to prison, and yet something to this effect has been happening since the 1980s. The past few decades have seen a massive increase in the […]

Of Grave Concern

The Western world has transformed death, writes Lauren Mulvihill – but what are the consequences? Life has a 100% fatality rate. We’ve been trying to get around this fact for a long, long time, and to no avail. Even with earth’s human population standing at its highest point in history, the dead outnumber the living […]

Paradise Lost?

In the face of rapid climate change, the future may seem bleak – but there is hope, writes Lauren Mulvihill “Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.” – John Milton Time is a tricky concept to wrap your head around. At twenty years of age, I experience time […]

Issue Five Editorial

I’ve been editing student writing going on three years at this point, and one thing that never fails to amaze me is just how good it is. There’s an awful lot of literary and journalistic talent in our midst, and that’s true no matter the genre: fiction? Fantastic stuff. Current affairs? Wonderful. Poetry? Outstanding. But […]

Editor’s Note: January 2018

It feels like ages since I’ve written one of these editorials. Almost as though it’s been a whole year. Happy new year, everybody! It’s officially 2018, and it’s still early enough for most of us to feel optimistic about the next eleven months or so. Long may that continue. If it can’t continue that long, […]

From the Editor

Alright, I’m going to do it. I’m going to be the first to say it. I’m prepared to deal with the backlash, so here goes: Merry Christmas, everybody! If we’re measuring time by the window display in Brown Thomas, we are now firmly in the midst of the holiday season, and have been since about […]