Surviving First Year

Motley Staff Writer Sadhbh Sullivan gives her advice to all new members of the UCC community on how to settle into university life post-freshers week Starting university for the first time, or even starting a new year of your course, brings with it a whole host of ups and downs. It draws the summer to an […]

Interview : The Nu Wardrobe

Sadhbh Sullivan interviews the Irish fashion entrepreneurs In a world of fast fashion, where designs move from the runway to the high street in as little as two weeks, it seems as though many of us are oblivious to the implications of our clothing choices. With the ability to pay as little as €3 for […]

Christmas Fashion Essentials

Sadhbh Sullivan runs through the biggest trends of the Christmas season With Christmas exams looming, it seems as though the last thing we’re currently thinking about is outfit planning. Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year: the lights, the cosy jumpers and the hot chocolates by the fire – everything about it […]