Rugby World Cup Diary: Part One

Words: Killian Down During the summer of 1994, an unruly mob of whiskey-slicked Irish soccer fans were unloaded onto American soil to bear witness to one of Ireland’s rare forays into the World Cup. Joining them was a member of the O’Connor clan of Glenageary, Dublin, a family best-known for producing the enigmatic Sinéad. It was not however Sinéad who was sent to chronicle the … Continue reading Rugby World Cup Diary: Part One

Kings or Queens of Sport?

Motley’s Eoin McSweeney speaks to Sharon Hutchinson, creator of, about the lack of sporting media coverage for women. The Russian had her hand raised to the sky, defiant and brash, her gaze locked on the boisterous crowd in front her. Katie Taylor stands on the other side of the referee, exhausted and sweating, but defeated? No. After an anxious wait, the referee raises the … Continue reading Kings or Queens of Sport?

Albania Serbia Game

Following the recent clashes between Serbia and Albania in a European Championships Qualifier, Motley’s Killian Down examines the relationship between politics and sport There are few sights more innocent in a world so lacking in the benign than that of a child at play. There is a simple beauty in their hyena-like shrieks of laughter and toothy smiles, signs of an untainted joy ignorant to … Continue reading Albania Serbia Game

Squeaky Bum Time for Europe’s Finest

Motley’s Eoin McSweeney assesses the quarter final ties in this year’s Champions League. So, we’re into the latter stages of the greatest club competition in world football, and the draw has thrown up some interesting ties. However the answer as to who will emerge victorious is more obvious than you would think! Bayern Munich v. Manchester United The easiest to predict by far. While Bayern … Continue reading Squeaky Bum Time for Europe’s Finest

Is Brazil Ready?

Eoin McSweeney previews the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The Maracanaço or the Maracanã Blow was attended by no less than 199,854 fans, mostly Brazilian, baying for the blood of the hated enemy, Uruguay, showing their lust in a colourful montage of presumptuous celebration. It was the decisive match of the 1950 World Cup (there was no final), held in Brazil and the fans … Continue reading Is Brazil Ready?