The lighter side of Love/Hate | Matthew Coughlan

Love/Hate’s popularity has appeared to increase dramatically since the third series of RTÉ’s gritty drama began in November. Having watched it from the beginning, it appears to be one of RTÉ’s finest works. However, I couldn’t help but notice that Love/Hate has become very intense the last couple weeks and it has turned many of […]

The affluent world of Made in Chelsea | Matthew Coughlan

We all have that one programme we tune into every week, that one show that is clearly appalling yet too addictive to forget about. For me, over the past couple of years I have been strangely drawn like an ashamed magnet to E4’s production Made in Chelsea. The format of the show is simple. To […]

old school

First Years, We’re Looking At You!

Sarah Glascott helps new students find their footing by suggesting they take their guidance from the silver screen. Hello all you first years. I know you’re all feeling overwhelmed and excited mixed with a nice helping of being scared senseless, but don’t worry! These college years will contain some of the greatest experiences you will […]


Winter’s Coming, And So Are The New Shows

Daniel Boland takes a look at what we can expect on our screens in the coming months.   September can only mean one of two things: the beginning of another college year or a host of new television shows arriving to be praised or ridiculed. It seems that quite a few producers have acted on […]

A Game of Histories

Emma Mc Carthy gives a quick history of Game of Thrones for potential viewers. If you’re like me, a firm rule in terms of entertainment is never judge a book by its adaptation. More often times than not when you sit down apprehensively to watch one of your favourite tomes come to life through film, […]

Welcome Back, Old Friends

Kate Dennison gives a quick recap on some of our favourite shows before they hit our screens again. Oh October, beautiful autumn, with the leaves falling off the trees, and the sunlight fading, and our favourite TV shows finally back on the air! And may I just say, on behalf of all man/womankind – thank […]