Cheap and Cheerful Halloween Costumes

On the hunt for this year’s Halloween costume? From princesses to parodies, Eve Millett-Trimble trick or treats us to an idea of what to expect at your upcoming Halloween celebrations.

As Halloween season approaches, we prepare for the trick or treating, scaring people, letting fireworks off and lighting bonfires. Students will be looking for the best costumes to wear, everything from the cheapest options to the most popular. Many different options are available ranging from stylish to outrageous. Giving you a run through of some of the quickest to the strangest of outfits, you have come to the right place for some good, unique ideas for your Halloween parties.

The Cheapskate

The cheapskate wants to save most of their money for beer and find a super outfit for less than ten euro. The perfect place to do this is Penneys, with a fabulous selection of onesies. Women have the option of an elephant onesie, but most will probably prefer the leather look leggings, a crop top and the eyeliner whiskers style of Catwoman. On the other hand, males can go as anything from Batman to an ape. For those really saving the pennies, my advice would be to wrap yourself in a bedsheet and don a bra and call yourself a sexy ghost.

The Traditionalist

This style is becoming a more and more of a rare sight. However, with all of the local pound shops stocked to the brim with these types of outfits, they would make a perfect last minute option. Anything from the spooky witch with the vile green nose or a simple hat will be sure to do the job. As for the men, a plain cape and a set of bloody fangs will be bang on trend with the latest series of True Blood. And last but not least…

The Attention Seeker

This person is sure to cause the most commotion and attract the attention of the entire room. The perfect choices could be anything from Big Bird to Angry Birds. Some might be brave enough to try a hotdog costume. The class clown is sure to be the talking point of the night and get the most laughs. However, I doubt many will be as daring as Lady GaGa and go for a full meat costume…

Hopefully this has given you some good costume ideas, from the cheap and cheerful to something really eye-catching for the biggest fancy dress night of the year. If any of these interest you or you want something else, try looking in costume shops or even E-bay for some fantastic ideas and prices. Your choices are endless! What will you choose?