Choosing the Right Permanent Lip Color for Your Complexion

tumblr_lmosmpoKxn1qessx2o1_500Permanent makeup is applied using a technique known as micropigmentation. Different pigmentation colors are used to give the client the look he or she desires. The procedure is almost similar to tattooing, and is used to give the customers a permanent appearance of makeup. Permanent lips and eyebrows are some of the most common procedures that women opt for.

Permanent makeup gives women the freedom and confidence to venture out without their makeup at any time. By selecting a natural looking permanent color, women can achieve a naturally enhanced and younger appearance. In order to ensure good results, it is very important to choose an experienced permanent makeup artist, and to choose pigmentation shades or colors that compliment your skin tone.

Choosing the right shade

Choosing the right color for the micropigmentation procedure is very much like choosing a good shade for removable makeup. The only difference here is that you need to remember that in permanent makeup, the makeup color is permanent so you need to decide on the lip color carefully. If you have an inclination towards a certain shade of lipstick or lip-gloss, you can consider using that same shade for your permanent lips procedure as well.

Generally, it is recommended that you choose a more natural shade for your lips. Choose a hue that is a few shades darker than the natural color of your lips for best results. For those with fair skin, nude lip colors in light coral and pink tones look best. Avoid going for very dark colors as it might make you look too done up all the time. When you choose a lighter shade, you can always wear a darker shade of lipstick over your permanent lip color when you want to.

Those with darker skin can opt for slightly darker tones. This will enhance their features further. Also remember that the permanent lip colors tend to fade over time. That is why it is better not to choose a color that is very light. The color tone that you see on your lips right after the micropigmentation procedure is also not necessarily what will ultimately remain on your lips. This is because the lips are under a recovery or healing process soon after the procedure. The real color might be revealed only after a few days or weeks.

When choosing a permanent lips color for your lips, you must first discuss the procedure with the cosmetic aesthetician. In order to provide you with the right shade of your choice, the professional makeup artist might have to conduct many adjustments for color saturation so that your lips look vibrant and natural at the same time.

JudyLulu is a girl living in a lipstick jungle. She has recently been researching more about the benefits of permanent makeup in order to help others stay young and beautiful.