Christmas Is a Frame Of Mind

Motley Editor-In-Chief Dan Webb gives food for thought ahead of the Christmas season and celebrates the launch of the final issue of Motley this semester


The Christmas season is without a doubt my favourite time of the year. It’s a time for joy, laughter, spending time with family and for remembering the happier moments of our lives. I have never once been accused of subtlety at Christmas; I am after all the guy who owns a collection of 6 Christmas jumpers. However, in recent years, I have begun to notice just how cynical and selfish some people become around the holidays, and it upsets me. I believe a lot of people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas is a frame of mind;” this quote is from one of the most celebrated festive films of all time, Miracle On 34th Street, in which a young girl who is struggling to get into the spirit of the holidays has her view of the world changed completely by the kind, jolly man in red himself. It’s a saying which has always stuck in my mind, and it is something that helps me to always keep the true meaning of Christmas in mind. It is a perfect reminder of what the holidays should be all about, and how we as people should devote ourselves to sharing the holidays especially with those less fortunate than ourselves.

It is with that spirit of festive charity that I present to you the third and final issue of Motley for this semester, the Motley Holiday Special if you will (someone crack out the gingerbread men and hot chocolate). With exams just around the corner, I think it is very important that we take a moment to relax and to let all those worries slip away. With that in mind, I hope we can offer you something that not only helps to give a little bit of respite amongst the stress of deadlines and exams but also helps you to reflect on the spirit of the holidays itself.


Fashion is taking centre stage this month as our fantastic Fashion Editor and all-around trend-setter Paul McLauchlan delivers not one, but two amazing fashion shoots for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to check out our Winter Wonderland showcase, as it sits at the heart of the section. Paul shares with us the style choices he made whilst attending London Fashion Week recently, the entire section serves as a lovely cap for the end of our first semester.

Cover of Motley Issue #3 featuring model Claire Ahern

In Current Affairs, Editor Maeve McTaggart explores the lasting effects of the #metoo movement almost 2 years later, and Deputy Editor Molly Kavanagh writes about the upcoming US presidential election as we move into a new year, and also a new decade.

The aforementioned spirit of charity also finds itself at the heart of the Features section. Check out our Charities in Cork spotlight piece, which highlights the fantastic work the folks at Cork Simon Community, and Saint Vincent De Paul do for the members of our local community who may be struggling at the moment. 

Charity spread available to read in Motley Issue #3


The Entertainment team really took the festive spirit to heart in this issue. Check out Motley Deputy Editor Laurie Shelly’s interview with singer Aurora, famous for featuring in the “Man On The Moon” John Lewis Christmas advert, who appears on the soundtrack for Frozen 2. Motley music man in residence Cathal Donovan O’Neill delivers some hot and spicy takes with our official Motley Christmas Playlist.

As I close off my third editorial, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made such a fantastic first run possible. Thank you to the fantastic team I have behind me. Some days have been tougher than others, but throughout it all, we stuck together and the magazine is better than ever. I would also like to say thank you to everybody reading this. Thank you for sticking by us, for taking an interest in what we have to say, and for helping to make this Motley’s best year yet.  

Let me sign off by saying Merry Christmas to everybody, and I hope you all have happy holidays and a prosperous new year. 

Dan Webb
Motley Magazine

Photo Credit: Ronan O’Shea