Communications and Commercial Officer Election Q&A

Eoin McSweeney chats with Cathal Walsh and Barry Nevin on their proposals for next year’s C&C position

Cathal Walsh

Q: What are your proposed plans for Media Budget?

Obviously we know that the student hub project is coming. We need to liaise with the various bodies to ensure that the transition there happens as quickly and smoothly as possible. My manifesto will be online and Motley and the Express are included. Express and Motley are crucial for students. Crucial for students looking to go into the media, into journalism, etc.

Q: How would you describe your role?

As I’ve pointed out in my manifesto, it’s broken into commercial and communication. Jobs are a priority of mine, I’ll be getting in contact with local employers because I know that this is what the students want. With regards Deal of the Week, it stopped this year for whatever reason. There’s no reason why local businesses won’t take a chance on students and offer them a deal. Students will come back if they’re offered this service once.

Q: What ideas do you have for the role?

I have an online buying idea. It’s a very simple idea. You can basically get tickets online for the big balls by just giving some information, logging in and there’s no need for a physical sale as such. A final year student can get it from home at 9 on a Friday morning. There are alternatives like

Q: Can you promise the same level of commitment to ongoing SU projects?

Absolutely. As I said in my manifesto, previous SU’s promise these things but they never follow through. It’s a one year term, but I’ll give it my all.

Q: What do you offer over other candidates?

I feel that I’ve had a great experience, I’ve studied four years here and graduated with an arts degree here before doing my masters. On top of this I’ve been working on campus all year and especially this year I took on a greater role within the New Bar.

Q: Do you think that the work you will be doing next year is worth the money that you will get paid?

I feel when you compare it to other Unions across the country we are on par and sometimes below par. It’s a 9 to 5 job, but it’s more than that too, with a lot of after hour work.


Barry Nevin

Q: Do you plan to continue the media executive that you set up this year?

Yeah definitely. One of the things that I want to do is independently finance media. So what happens at the moment the capitation charge of 2 euro for every student goes to the SU and that goes into the SU budget and then the SU gives that to the media. That’s not truly and independent relationship between the SU and the media. So I want to set up a system where there would be a student media manager in the HUB.

Q: Do you think that there could be potential health risks to residents and students if a UCC Ball is held on campus?

Well there is nothing to say that it will be held on campus just yet, it just has to be outdoors is what I want. So I’m looking at a number of different locations and there’s health and safety risks to every location, every in the world, no matter where you have it. If I was to have it on campus, it would be finishing up at around half 10 with an after party somewhere in town. I know the right people to go to this year to get this done.

Q: Do you think the other candidate lacks experience?

I’m sure that Cathal is a great guy. The New Bar PR has been quite good this year. But I have that experience of doing the job for a year. I really am so suited for this job, I know how to promote the student Union. So I have more experience than anyone in this role.

Q: What was your biggest achievement and your biggest failure of last year?

My year isn’t out yet, but my biggest achievement definitely was the library. What happened there was Mark and Joe were lobbying the university and we did a sit in. We did the graphics, everything on social media, but it wasn’t until the university saw the Irish Time on their desk that they decided to change. I don’t think that I had any one big failure, but what I wanted to do was bring in a student app for September. There was an issue getting it onto the UCC network, and then everything got very busy with the full time job. When things quiet down with study month I hope to finish that.