Motley is the “characteristic dress of the professional fool” – vibrant, diverse and eclectic. It also happens to be UCC’s official student magazine. We’re looking for writers like you to help contribute to our magazine and website. With a potential readership of over 20,000 students on the UCC campus alone and many more online, becoming a contributor to Motley is a great way to get your work out to a wider audience.

Below are the sections we have and explanations of what each one covers. If you’re still having trouble deciding which one to write for, don’t worry, the contact details for our section editors are also listed below and they’ll be more than happy to chat with you. Alternatively, drop an email to our editor-in-chief Matthew ( and he’ll be sure to get back to you. We are Motley, by the students and for the students, so don’t be afraid to put yourself forward – this is your magazine.

  • Current Affairs is not news. News is given with no time for analysis and this is where the magazine’s current affairs section steps in. The current affairs section of this volume will be looking for a detailed analysis of domestic and global issues, investigations into issues affecting students, and well-thought-out opinion pieces. You can get in touch with Current Affairs editor Alana at
  • What’s Entertainment? Anything and everything creative and entertaining. This section covers Music, Film, TV, Drama, Literature, Video Games, Comedy and much more. The type of articles we’re looking for in Entertainment range from reviews of shows, books and films to interviews with top bands or singers. Don’t hesitate to contact our entertainment editor Kane ( if you’d like to propose an article or get some advice.
  • Features & Opinion: The features section aims to provide in-depth and intriguing articles on human interest stories and pieces. A features article will aim to educate the reader and show them another side of life. Have you had an interesting life experience? Can you write a witty article about night-life in Cork? The opinion section aims to capture people’s feelings and thoughts about an issue or a subject. Are you offended by toilet graffiti? Are you tired of hearing the same old debates? Write an article about it. It’s up to you. Send our features editor Niamh ( an email to chat about the many possibilities for this section.
  • The Fashion section aims to make fashion accessible to everyone. Think trend reports and tutorials that’ll suit any budget. If you have strong feelings about the influx of neon in Penneys or feel that street style has gone to the dogs, this section is for you. Contact our fashion editor Grace ( if you’d like to write a fashion article, or if you’d like to be involved in a photoshoot.