Cyberbullying: A Complete Resource Guide

Jenny Holt has provided Motley with a guide on how to contact cyberbullying.

For many children, bullying is a part of life as they grow up. Sad to say, but it is prevalent in all cultures and countries. It can begin early on but gets worse in the teenage years. In the past, bullying might have been limited to the school environment, unless the bullies lived in the same neighbourhood as their victims. However, in 21st century Ireland, like with the rest of the world, it follows children everywhere and this is because of the Internet.

Cyberbullying is a rising problem and takes many forms and can be spread across multiple platforms including messaging apps, social media like Twitter, and networking sites like Facebook. The bullying takes all the usual forms from insults and threats to social exclusion and mockery. There can be little respite for the connected teen.

Luckily, there are resources out there and sources of support too. It is hard to tell your parents and authorities about bullying, harder to deal with the bullies, but it is possible. Learn about how cyberbullying works and what concrete steps can be taken to deal with it by reading this full guide to cyberbullying.