Doctor Strange Review

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Gemma Kent, holds her hands up and admits that Marvel’s newest flick was actually a big success.

Motley regulars might remember that two months back I gave a sceptical foreshadowing of Marvel’s latest venture as a whitewashed failure. I think it’s important to point out that I stand by that remark when I now say: it was actually a really good film. The use of CGI was fresh and natural and blended seamlessly with fight scenes, offering a trippy TBT to films like Inception and The Matrix. The plot was nothing out of the ordinary, though that’s not to say it was un-entertaining: fans have yet to truly tire from ‘dude who wants to blow up the entire world because he does’ plot after all. The supporting cast were also on point: Tilda Swinton’s lulling voice (forever linked with the offer of Turkish Delight), though out of place in Kathmandu, was as wise and prophetic as you could ask for you. Rachel McAdams took home the ‘Literally Me’ award thanks to performances such as ‘screaming when the broom fell’, which earned a cheery laugh of concurrence from the audience. As for the main man himself, those of us familiar with Cumberbatch’s British charm were knocked back by his sudden adopting of an American twang. First annoying, the accent grows on you after a while, though in moments of intense feels, you can’t help but see Sherlock shine through. We won’t deny that he handled the role well, much to the delight of CumberCookies everywhere.

Overall, a fun-to-watch film, with Marvel’s trademark mix of laughs and stunning visuals. Only a lack of diversity knocks Stephen Strange from the five stars pedestal.