Drink it up, Soak it in – Gulpd | Tommy Tobin

lightwise.ieHip and trendy, the Triskel Art Centre’s Gulpd Café is a little gem in Cork City. Nestled neatly in the discrete Tobin Street, next to SoHo and off the Grand Parade, Gulpd is a great place to eat, drink, and be merry.

Gulpd compliments the various aspects of the Triskel Arts Centre; not only is it a great café by itself, it remains open during theatre performances and film screenings. The café’s smoking area outside the 18th-century Christchurch building is quite large, with tables and a nice green space. Also, the Triskel’s record shop, Plugd, affords some quality music – playing excellent records from yesteryear, as well as newer grooves, and they host plenty of live performances. Visit the café’s Facebook page and find it littered with announcements about the music!

As for the café’s chill vibe, the place feels intimate as you enter. Gulpd comes complete with contemporary art adorning the walls, handwritten menu boards, and a warm atmosphere. Alternating between a space for talking with a friend or a date, listening to some of the dulcet notes, or drinking a latte on takeaway, Gulpd has got you covered for many a situation.

With a simple menu, Gulpd is a good bet for lunch. The food on offer consists of simple dishes—stews and sandwiches—paired with a selection of hot and cold beverages. After lunch, the food options decline precipitously, making dining here at lunch a much better choice than eating later. The fruit scone was enjoyable, and it certainly made the rainy day more enjoyable – especially when paired with the delectable latte. Brewing Golden Bean coffee, Gulpd’s hot caffeinated drinks are on par with any in Cork City.

Gulpd at the Triskel feels comfortable and approachable, yet artsy. The clientele are bohemian, but not intimidating or cliquey. This reviewer’s barista, James, did an admirable job of managing the tone of the place: manning the music, taking orders, and chatting customers. For those fortunate enough to find this hidden gem of Cork city, it’s certainly worth a visit (or two or three!).
Good For: Lunch, dates, music, coffee.

Address: Tobin St, Cork City.
Hours: Mon–Thurs: 9.30am – 11.30pm | Fri – Sat: 9.30am – 12.30am | Sun: 2pm -11pm (times subject to change).