Help staff writer Anna McCarthy save the world one small change at a time by trying these few simple steps (yay!)


Wrap gifts using old newspapers or magazines. In 2013, the Irish Examiner estimated that six million rolls of wrapping paper had been used over the Christmas holidays. What student can afford a decent gift, let alone pretty paper to merely wrap it in? Anyway, nothing says happy birthday like a present wrapped in Enda Kenny’s face.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


More and more students are availing of this fantastic bike rental service to make their way across the city. At only €10 per year,(yes, PER YEAR), the 31 bike stations are situated in certain locations from the Mardyke to the Glanmire Road. Hopping on a bike beats waiting for the 205 any day.19353158804_5cb7a01e34_b


Although Nom Nom water is only €1, investing in a stainless steel flask will ensure that you will never forget your water bottle for college again. Often plastic bottles are cast aside and end up at the bottom of the ocean,  and as they are not biodegradable, they are proving to be dangerous to what’s left of the sea’s inhabitants.
Also stainless steel flasks are so in right now.


Nobody likes extra bills added on to their weekly budget, so why not skip straight to the chill and give Netflix a miss?
Having kitchen utensils on standby unceasingly also uses up electricity, and it isn’t too much effort to turn off a switch.
By using less power, romance is on your side; nothing says sensuality like a room full of candle. We use electricity at our disposal and are thoughtlessly increasing our daily CO2 emissions, putting more and more pressure on our atmosphere to protect us from the sun everyday.


One of the most destructive processes in today’s industrial world is the production of meat. From the amount of grain used to feed the animals to the uneconomical process of the production of meat, livestock accounts for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases (according to a study done by The Guardian).

Set a goal to eat a vegetarian diet, (or even better, vegan) for just one day a week. Not only will it be a change in your diet to make it a bit more adventurous, but also help the environment one day at a time.


Visiting charity shops is a great way to pick up a bargain, support a local charity and it also contributes to aiding the environment. According to WWF, it takes 20,000 litres of water to produce a cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Yes, 20,000 litres.

In 2013, the industry had the production of leather to blame for 25% of fashion’s environmental damaging nature. Charity shops can offer great alternatives to the high street, maxresdefaultand Cork City is littered with them. A stroll down Castle Street and North Main Street guarantee successful buys that will be far more rewarding than a bargain in Penneys.

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