Editorial – Issue #1

Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Motley Magazine is undoubtedly the most memorable and positive outlier for me in this most bizarre and socially-tectonic of years. Taking this publication into the future is a distinct and singular honour. I take on this role cognisant of the high standards set by my predecessors and with a determination to push beyond the constraints of traditional and antiquated conceptions of journalism. That sense of ambition is unfaltering throughout this new team: journalistic curiosity and prowess the very fibre upon which our editors and contributors are built. Our single purpose and our promise to you as a publication is this: to cut through the complex issues that are most consequential to our student community, now and in the future. 

It is this purpose which has driven our recruitment. We have spent the summer developing an incredible team of dedicated journalists, each with their own unique take on the stories that weave our collective narrative. 

It is with a sense of immense pride and an unquenchable excitement that we can now present you with Volume XIV: Issue I (The Climate Emergency). Climate change is the existential threat of our time. We have quelled pandemics, we have survived war, we have developed medicines that allow us to survive infection. We have surmounted every challenge put to us to date. These victories were made possible in part, because we had a stable environment to provide for us, upon which we could mount a response. 

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

In these pages you will find a broad debate on climate change expressed across current affairs, features, fashion and entertainment. Our magazine’s name, indeed, suggests that our ethos is to be an all-encompassing canvas upon which students can paint their perspective. This issue features nuanced debate on controversial topics such as the potential advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy. However, although we welcome all viewpoints: we will not amplify the voices of those who deny the science. We welcome reasoned stances from all ideological perspectives, so long as the arguments are based in reason. Climate denial is not one of those reasoned arguments.

For our part, we have moved to 100% recycled paper for the 2020/21 academic year. Although this is more costly, it is undoubtedly the right move to take this publication forward. We have voluntarily reduced our print run, too. These are very minor steps in the right direction, but steps nonetheless. 

As our world changes in real-time, dizzying us with the impact of a global pandemic and a depressingly unstable political landscape it is no surprise that many of us have turned to creativity as a coping mechanism. Use Motley as your canvas. These pages are yours. We want your ideas, your originality and your voice. We are here to amplify your hot takes, foster your journalistic prowess and provide a figurative canvas, upon which you can ink your ideas. If you have an idea, and feel hesitant, send one of our team an email, we will always seek to harness your creativity. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This is going to be a strange academic term for all of us. Face masks, hand-gel and countless banal greetings altering our previous conceptions of the university social experience. An experience transformed, no doubt, but we need not mask our natural tendencies to sociality. We are all feeling our way through the darkness, tentatively reaching out towards the light of a time beyond this pandemic. We understand your anxieties, we feel your frustrations but we know that we will get through this together. These pages will provide a sense of escapism, not just for you the reader, but for all of us at Motley. A fantastic year undoubtedly lies ahead. Let ink be your medicine, journalism your prescription and being informed your prognosis.