Entertainment Edit: April

Real-life wonder woman, Julie Hassett, gives the Entertainment Edit a hearty send-off.


Middle Earth: Shadow of War

One Game to Rule Them All


I hope you’re as excited as I am to learn that Shadow of War, the sequel to 2014’s brilliant Shadow of Mordor has been officially announced, and is set to arrive sooner than you think. Like its predecessor, the game follows an original story within Tolkien’s Middle-Earth universe, with Talion and the mysterious Celebrimbor from the first game making a return. While the story may not be up to scratch, the smooth and fun gameplay is the definite selling-point for the series: the graphics are something Tolkien himself would be proud of. I’ve never experienced a combat-system quite as immersive as this one, and it keeps you engaged to the very end, even if everything else fails to!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Necessary Sequels


Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in 2185, between the events of the second and third games of the original Mass Effect trilogy. The story of Andromeda isn’t too different from ones we’ve seen before in Mass Effect games. The protagonist (one of the two Ryder twins, depending on the player’s own choice) wakes up in Andromeda to find that humans and other races have settled in some of the galaxy’s worlds. The marketing team has purposefully avoided revealing much of the plot, however, so we’re short on details. It’s up to the player’s in-game decision to see how the plot will turn out, so be sure to choose wisely!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Hooked on a Franchise


Star-Lord is making his return! With his cassette player spewing great ‘80s tracks and a newfound fame following him within the galaxy, Chris Pratt’s hilarious Peter Quill will return to our screens along with his new family. While trying to keep the team on good terms, Star-Lord sets out on a quest that will teach him about his true parentage. From its colourful aesthetic, humorously crafted dialogue and unique character dynamic, fans of the first film have been waiting for its sequel with great anticipation. And with the revelation of the adorable Baby Groot, they already have me sold!

Attack on Titan

Big Things Are Coming


Four years. It’s been four years since the first season of Attack on Titan released. And what a painful wait it has been. But finally, come April first, Wit Studio will release the long-awaited season two. The chilling anime series is sure to impress this time round, with bigger and scarier Titans promised. We don’t know much about the new season, only that the Titans who had spent the last several years terrorising the city of Shinganshina might have been protecting them from other Titans the whole time. It’s time to don our regiment uniform and return to the insanity — let’s just hope this isn’t a cruel April Fools joke!

Wonder Woman

May Contain Batfleck


A new trailer landed last month for the new Wonder Woman movie, starring Gal Gadot. It’s about time we got a female-fronted superhero movie, isn’t it? Wonder Woman was arguably the best and only good thing about last year’s Batman vs Superman, and Gadot was certainly born to play the part. Wonder Woman, releasing this summer, will more than likely be the first in the string of recruitment films for DC’s upcoming Justice League movie. Which unfortunately means a visit from Batfleck himself. But, hey, hopefully that will be the only misgiving in what will surely be a great interpretation of the Amazonian warrior herself!