Exam Papers Leaked in All Students’ Email | Ashleigh Hayman

Ashleigh 2

April can be stressful, and more than one of us has made a desperate wish for a peek at this year’s exam papers. In an unprecedented administration mishap, you might have received a pleasant surprise in your email inbox this morning. The papers for some of the upcoming 2013 summer exams have been sent to current undergraduates’ UCC email accounts – the stuff of dreams for most students.

The courses concerned are from a range of departments, including Arts and Law, so we might all benefit from this accident. The university released a statement confirming the mistake, outlining that the emails were intended for lecturers’ accounts for final confirmation. ‘We deeply regret this morning’s error and are working to understand how this happened’, said UCC President, Dr Michael Murphy. While this is clearly a setback for the college, it is unlikely that too many students are overly disgruntled.

UCC offices have set lists of students’ and lecturers’ email addresses and it is thought that the wrong list was accidently selected. ‘The run up to exams is a stressful time for both students and administration staff; unfortunately, mistakes do occur from time to time’. UCC actually apologised for the confusion and said it was uncertain whether it was too late for the papers to be reset. Apologies aren’t necessary – most students will want to thank the staff involved.

If it is decided to leave the papers unchanged, this may be good news for us students; April will be a little less taxing with the workload slashed, and we can focus and prepare knowing exactly what to expect on the day.

However, it was made clear, that should this be the case, a much higher standard would be expected. The external examiner would also be made aware of the occurrence to ensure fair marking.

Maybe don’t cancel all those study plans just yet.