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Feeling Hipster


Inglot Lipstick
Inglot’s Matte Lipsticks – Cosmetics

Matte Lipsticks are notorious for drying out your lips and cracking as the day goes on. Inglot’s are about the best for avoiding this, not to mention the most affordable. They also have some fancy  creams that seem to dry into a matte effect, which we don’t fully understand, but they look really great.
No. 422, the pastel-like lilac, is a cheap alternative to MAC’s Heroine (which is our favourite). We declare a reign of tyranny of purple lipstick wearers this March. There just are not enough of us.


Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar – Entertainment

If musicians keep dropping surprise albums, it’s going to get really old, really fast. However, Kendrick Lamar’s not getting old at all. He caught the world’s attention with his chilling performance of The Blacker the Berry at the 2016 Grammys in February, and has us all captivated again following the surprise release of Untitled Unmastered. According to The
Guardian Lamar “is in a period of extraordinary creative fertility right now.” You keep doing your thing, Lamar, it’s certainly working.


Easter Goodies
Easter Goodies – Confectionary

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year. The time when you are told by the media that you owe it to the Lord to eat as much as you can! It all makes perfect sense, so don’t overthink it. We’re suckers here at Motley for a good local business or craft fair and so we say boycott M&S and Cadbury’s this Easter. The chocolate at O’Conaill’s in the City Centre tastes like Jesus really is back from the dead and you’ll feel oh so hipster buying handmade products.



Fujifilm Instax
Fujifilm Instax Cameras – Photography

It’s no secret that the impending end of semester two is causing existential and quarter-life crises left, right and centre. March madness is all around us but you probably can’t afford a Ferrari to fill the void. We’ve found an alternative in these faux retro polaroid remakes. You can get them from Urban Outfitters for about €80 or €90, and the accessories available are so pretty (too pretty, it’s like they’re trying to sell us something). They’re sure to have that lingering sense of dread silenced in a flash.


Bomber Jacket
Topman Bomber Jackets – Clothing

We’re having that weather where it’s too hot for a coat but if you just wear a cardigan you might as well not take part in the day at all. Bomber Jackets and an umbrella are a solid plan for March weather on campus. Suede is now very hip with the kids, apparently, and Topman seem to be providing the best picks on the highstreet. Topman bombers start at €38, with some of the suede ones going way up to €100. There’s something for everyone.