Five Best Places to Grab a Hipster Coffee in Cork

Winter blues getting you down? Fear not, Motley has your study breaks justified.

5. Café Serendipity

Okay, we may be picking this one because it’s very pretty but you’ll be pressed to find a more adorable place in Cork to stop for a cuppa. And the food’s not bad either – though a full meal will be a little expensive on a student budget. Café Serendipity is loud and proud on the Western Road – you won’t be able to miss it.

Café Serendipity, Western Road, Cork.
Café Serendipity, Western Road, Cork.


4. Fellini’s Tea Room

Fellini’s Tea Room is the place to go if you’re looking to escape Ireland for a bit. The Tea Room also doubles as a Vintage Shop – you won’t even know you’re in Cork! Easy to find in the city centre with nicely priced coffee and an almost overwhelmingly hipster setting, if you’re hoping to show off the city to a friend then Fellini’s could be the place you’ve been looking for.


Fellini's Tea Room, Carey's Lane, Cork.
Fellini’s Tea Room, Carey’s Lane, Cork.


3. Perry Street Café

Perry Street has something for everyone! We all have that annoying friend who won’t drink tea or coffee – well, Perry Street has what is arguably the most indie hot chocolate in Ireland. The food here is also absolutely delicious and its one of the brightest and roomiest cafés you’ll come across.

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate at Perry Street Café

2. The Bookshelf Coffee House

No place provides a quiet hipster coffee escape quite like the Bookshelf. This cosy, eclectic coffee house is set in the old Cork library on the South Mall. It’s a warm and snuggly place to drop in –  if you can find a seat because the Bookshelf is a favourite for many regulars. The details in this café make it something really worth visiting. From the old style telephones to the vintage gin bottles dripping with candle wax, the Bookshelf is one of our favourites. We’d recommend the mochas!

Table details in the Bookshelf Coffee House, 78 South Mall, Cork.


1. Cork Coffee Roasters

Cork Coffee Roasters topped our charts based on quality of coffee and service but the retro café itself is also an attraction for those seeking a more hipster experience while re-caffienating. This one isn’t for the Starbucks lovers; you’ll be purchasing a one man serving of real coffee at a high end price, but the taste is unmatched and totally hip right now. Coffee Roasters are slowly taking over the city and stealing the hearts of regulars from both nearby and further afield. Their original base on Bridge Street is still the better setting but the newly opened branch on French Church Street is just as top notch quality – though it’s a little bit of a squash if you’re hoping to sit in!


Cork Coffee Roasters on French Church Street
Cork Coffee Roasters on French Church Street