What Does the Fox Say?

Louise Clancy chats to Youtube sensation Elyar Fox about his meteoric rise to fame.

2014 is set to be a big year for 18 year old English singer Elyar Fox (real name Elyar Afshari) after peaking to number five in the UK charts. After gaining huge success from his acoustic covers of pop songs posted on Youtube, he was signed with RCA records in 2013. After releasing his debut single “Do It All Over Again”, it peaked at number 5 in the UK charts. Speaking to Motley, Elyar explains his rise to stardom after splitting from his former band “I was in a pop/rock band (called “Just Me Again” from when I was thirteen until I was sixteen. When I was 16 I took a year off high school after my GCSEs. I was meant to be starting college but I deferred for a year. Six months into that time off with small gigs with the band, we decided to split up. I had 6 months left and I had to figure what I’m going to do before I go back to school. So I decided to write and record as much songs in my bedroom as I could, film myself doing some covers online and put them on Youtube.  I had no idea what anyone would think. The more I put up they kind of snowballed and had more and more views.”

Elyar felt a range of emotions about his online success on Youtube (with over 205,000 subscribers from his original channel and 17 million views on his Vevo channel) by performing acoustic covers of pop songs by artists such as Adele and One Direction, “It was just overwhelming that I think anyone let alone people would be interested to watch me in my bedroom doing covers but no, people seemed to like it and I was confused but felt amazed that I had support.”

At such a young age Elyar Fox became hugely inspired by music, but where did this inspiration come from? “When I was six I bought my first two albums, Good Charlotte and Nirvana. From there I completely fell in love with music. I don’t know how but I knew I wanted to do something to do with music.”

Elyar Fox has achieved a lot in a short space of time including coming second in MTV’s Brand New for 2014, but for Elyar it was touring with Union J that gave him the most pride. “I think it was going on my first tour, which was supporting Union J the end of December and the start of January. That was definitely my proudest moment. It felt so good to finally get there and get on stage and play a show every night. That’s everything I ever dreamed of doing.” He got along with the bandmates very well before and during the tour.

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“It was just overwhelming that I think anyone let alone people would be interested to watch me in my bedroom doing covers but no, people seemed to like it and I was confused but felt amazed that I had support.”


“I met them at an event they were performing at. We hung out for a bit and went for dinner afterwards. We just got to know each other. Then eventually they asked me to go on tour with them which was really cool. It was a bit like “Wow really? I’m actually going on a tour now.” It was amazing. They guys were really cool. We’re all the same sort of age. We all really get along. The whole thing was just fun. The crowd was great. I just loved it.”

As with every young talented pop singer, having a fanbase is inevitable. In the case of Elyar Fox, these fans are dubbed as ‘Foxers’. He has a great appreciation for his fans including online interaction on his Twitter account @ElyarFox. “It feels weird but it feels amazing. It’s really cool. The Foxers just say it all really. They drive everything themselves. They even came up with the name themselves. It feels like a loving fanbase.” Although he adores his fans, the Foxers never fail to surprise him. “They seem to find out some weird things. I remember seeing one on Twitter. Someone tweeted me and it was a photo of me with a fact on it saying “Elyar likes lettuce” I was like “Wow!” That is so weird because it’s so true, I do like lettuce. And “Elyar’s favourite sandwich is chicken and bacon” I was like “What?!?” It was just a weird thing. How do they know that? Have I said this at some point or something? They definitely pay attention.”

With his single “Do It All Over Again” being released Elyar mentions how his debut single came about. “I have a song called “Colourblind” and I was actually meant to go into vocal with that song because I had written it months before. I hadn’t gotten around into recording it properly. I was meant to be doing it with my friend Chris. I had a cold. I went into vocal it and I sounded really bummed up and he was like “Sorry mate, I don’t think it’s going to work out. Do you want to come back in?” I was like “Great!” So I went back into studio and I was like “Do you want to write a song?” and he was like “Yeah, might as well. We can’t exactly record you right now.” I just wrote a song and it literally came out of nowhere and we just finished it. It ended up being the first single.”

What’s next for Elyar Fox? Well, he has a lot of things coming up in the next few months including the release of his next single “A Billion Girls”, the release of his debut album “around summer time.” according to Fox, being a supporting act on The Wanted’s farewell tour in March and April and performing at Hyde Park on 6th July alongside McBusted.

Elyar Fox compares the differences between being a part of “Just Me Again” and being a solo artist and which one he prefers. “I think it’s really difficult being on your own but also a lot easier. Being in a band is great because you always you always have your friends around you and you don’t get lonely. But being on your own you know yourself what you want to do. Whereas sometimes if you’re in a band and disagree on things a lot and have different ideas which clash. I liked being in a band but I think making music and writing alone is definitely what I should be doing.”

With his distinctly catchy pop music style, his bubbly and fun personality, and his youthful image there is no doubt that we will a lot more about Elyar Fox in the next few months.