From Coast to Coast: An Interview with LANY

Entertainment Editor, Gemma Kent, chats with Jake Goss, drummer of up-and-coming band, LANY.

They’re the hottest new band to surge up from the famed City of Angels. Formed in 2014 after a sporadic, off-the-cuff meetup, lead singer, Paul Klein; guitarist, Les Priest, and drummer, Jake Goss, now make up what is fast becoming the US’s latest music sensation. With nearly 40 million streams on Spotify and a growing viewership on sites like Youtube, it won’t be long before the boys have made their name known across the continent and globe.

On the subject of how they came to be, Jake tells a humble tale: “I met Paul in passing through friends: I knew he played music and that he was a rad guy. We ended up meeting in a gym called the YMCA (which is hilarious); Paul said he would be interested in making music with us and… here we are.” Having already been living and working with Les on a separate project in Nashville, Jake tells me the transition from duo to trio was nothing short of organic.

We go on to chat about some of the highlights of the boys’ career over the last two years. Among them features their experiences touring with Troye Sivan and Ellie Goulding. When I ask Jake about those early sets on stage, he tells me they were highly influential. “Each experience we’ve had on stage like that has been an amazing opportunity. Especially with Troye, because his fans are pretty die-hard. When we’d go out onto the stage, his fans would be just so ready to engage with you: they were so enthusiastic.” Jake also adds that such opportunities also helped them to grow their own fan base: “It was awesome to get in front of those kinds of fans and have some of them become (die hard!) fans of us. We’re really grateful for that opportunity.”


Currently on tour, the boys are in steady anticipation ahead of their biggest headliner to date in London when I talk with them. In two days’ time, they’ll be cracking out tunes in Cologne, then it’s on to Amsterdam, Oslo and Warsaw. All they’re missing is Dublin (or better yet, Cork!). But when I ask Jake if he has hopes to play on the Emerald Isle, he assures me that he and the band “hope we get there real soon.” I’m holding them to that, I hope they know.

Realistically, of course, an Irish gig may be a little while coming. The cities I just listed are a bare surface-scratcher of the mammoth spread of locations LANY plan to rock with their presence. Fortunately, the band are no strangers to a long-distance mindset: it’s ingrained in their very name. LANY (pronounced “lay-nee”, as I should probably have clarified earlier) is an acronym for the cities Los Angeles and New York, a title which highlights the band’s big dreams to travel. They’ve certainly met them. Though, Jake is quick to point out that this choice of name was not an automatic one. “We wanted a four-letter word so we tossed around a bunch of ideas — most were taken! At one point we were even thinking the acronym ‘TTYL’!” It was “visual” lead singer Paul who proposed the ultimate winner, his thoughts on an epic journey from one side of the country to the other. Now it’s one side of the globe to the other.

Not wanting to keep Jake from his imminent performance any longer than necessary, I wrap up by asking the drummer about the band’s plans from here. Aside from their non-stop touring commitments, Jake enthuses about their upcoming, self-titled, debut album, and the planned release of singles in advance of that. “We’re gonna be rolling out singles up until our album’s release — a song a month until June 30th when our album comes out.” I ask what the thought process ahead of such a highly-anticipated debut is like. “Ah man, we’re excited: with the songs, with everything. It’s a really big statement to the world: it’s our big debut, our first debut record.”