Get to know your Students’ Union

By Dion Davis

A students’ union is the body that represents students of a university and acts on their behalf in matters of interest. For incoming first years, a student union that actually represents your interests in the college might seem a mile away from the representation you received in secondary school. These guys and girls actually do help enhance your student experience within the college. From difficulties in getting a grant, to class parties, these are the people you need to know about if you have any problems


Aidan Coffey, Student’s Union President of UCC
First and foremost I introduce you to our newly elected President Aidan Coffey. President sounds like a tasking job but he has to somehow make it look as fun and breezy as possible. Aidan, along with his team of full time and part time officers, represent your interests on a wide range of committees dealing with academic and welfare issues. The President works with University Management to enhance each student’s experience inside and outside of the classroom. Contact:


James Upton, Deputy President and Campaigns Officer

As deputy, James will be on hand if Aidan is away performing other important duties, or just another person to consult on ideas to make the Union even better. James also promotes and organises a myriad of campaigns around campus. James was extremely vocal as LGBT* Auditor last year during the Marriage Equality referendum and set up voter registration drives around UCC. We’re excited to see what he has in store for the coming year!


Joe Kennedy, Education Officer

Joe is your main man when it comes to academic issues. Having been re-elected after a successful campaign, Joe aims to continue on from his successes of last year to achieve optimum results for students. He represents students’ issues on university committees and is there to lend a helping hand if you have any questions; comments queries or theories regarding your course! With a Law degree under his belt there’s no stopping him from helping anyone with a question out there, so don’t hesitate to contact him!


Katie Quinlan, Welfare Officer

Katie is the new Welfare Officer and she is here to look after your welfare and wellbeing during this year. Katie deals with non-academic problems in college. “So pretty much everything from accommodation problems, sexual health, finance problems, grants & mental health issues.” Katie will be there to relieve your stress, or just have a chat if needs be. She will be pioneering welfare campaigns such as SHAG (Sexual health and Guidance week and mental health week.  The Condom Shop in the Students’ Union will also be under her control, the first four are free so Fresher’s should get in there while you can! On a more serious note, confidential talks in her office are available if you need to talk about private matters or you just want a bit of privacy, she’s always around.


Barry Nevin, Communications & Commercial

Barry ran a successful campaign to hold onto his position of Communications and Commercial officer, with a degree in Computer Science he is the best man for the job of managing the SU. As commercial manager he looks after the advertising and promoting of campaigns on campus. The website is run by Barry along with the SU Facebook and Twitter accounts. Barry sits on the Board of Directors and Board of Management, voicing your opinions and letting them be heard on a broader scale. After an exceptional job last year, we are eager to see what new changes he will bring about.



Adam Finn, Entertainments Officer

Along with the other Sabbatical officers who take a year out for their role, Entertainments officer is part time and Adam Finn has his work cut out to top the events of last year! From freshers week, class parties, college balls to the infamous R&G week, Adam and the Ents crew will be on hand to provide you with one of the best college experiences around!



Seán (poodles) Ó Riabhaigh, Oifigeach Na Gaeilge

Is é Seán Ó Ríabhaigh, bhur n-Oifigeach i mbliana. Is as Crois an Tornóra é i gCorcaigh. I mbliana beidh sé ag freastal ar a dara blain i UCC, ag déanamh staidéir ar an Ghaeilge agus Stair. Tá sé ar intinn aige an teanga a scaipeadh ar champas, in éineacht leis an Chualacht, agus cultúr na Gaeilge a chur chun cinn. Le déanaí, cuireadh cearta na nGael fá chois ag déine agus ag neamhaird rialtais. Deir sé go bhfuil orainn teacht le chéile agus troid ar son na Gaeilge, agus mar bhur n-Oifigeach, déanfaidh sé a dhícheall ár dteanga a bhrú chun tosaigh in OÉ Chorcaí.