Goodbye Summer, We Hardly Knew Ye

By Emma McCarthy

‘Don’t worry, Master Wayne. It takes a little time to get back into the swing of things’ – Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred, you’re not wrong as I’m sure many of us returning to college life will agree. After a long summer that lacked anything remotely resembling sunshine, at least most of Ireland could take solace in the fact that we could flock to our nearest cinemas and catch the latest and, in some cases, the greatest films that Hollywood has to offer. It was definitely the summer of the Superhero which gave us the ending to one of the greatest film franchises of all time with The Dark Knight Rises, and the beginning to what’s looking to become another stellar superhero franchise with The Avengers (or as it’s technically known Avengers Assemble, but I don’t think any of us actually called it that). People took their sides, Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, and people gave their critiques, but it’s safe to say this summer gave us some of the biggest films in the history of celluloid. A fitting consolation price where the weather was concerned.

But the summer is gone, even though it never really came, and with a new college year, comes a new season to look forward to. The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, and all our favourite television shows will be starting up again (if they didn’t get the chop) and some new shows will be taking their chances in the fall schedule. If you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into during the long winter nights, Daniel Boland has you covered over in the television section with his lowdown on a few promising shows.

But it’s not just those of us returning to college that will take time adjusting. With a new college year comes new faces as we say hello to all the first years getting a new taste of college life. It can be daunting, as we all know, but with Sarah Glascott’s handy film and television guide to help you ease yourself into college life, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is actual lectures (but since this is the Entertainments section, we’re not going to bore you with that stuff). If you’re new to Cork or just looking for a new spot to relax, Tamara Malone has drawn-up a useful map of the best establishments in the city, whether you’re looking for films or music or both. The city may not be Hollywood or New York but it has its charms, so don’t hesitate to go out and explore them!

It wouldn’t have been a movie-filled summer if we didn’t get a twist near the end and what could have been more out of the blue than finding out a young love wasn’t all it seemed from the glossy pictures in magazines? I think all of our hearts broke just a little when it was revealed that K-Stew cheated on R-Patz (we all thought it would last forever!) but on the plus side, I guess we finally figured out what would put a smile on that girl’s face. Score one to infidelity, I suppose. This was undoubtedly, and confusingly, one of the biggest stories of the summer which saw the banal love triangle from Twilight come to life though with a married director instead of a werewolf (I think we were all even more heartbroken that there was no grizzly werewolf involved in real life). The entire circus got me thinking about love triangles, a staple in teen fiction such as The Hunger Games and even Harry Potter that allows fans to take sides. Kirsten Stewart may have dodged her own premiere of On The Road, a film based on Jack Kerouac’s famed tome, but if you still can’t find it in yourself to forgive old misery guts and don’t want to see her cheating puss, then Elaine Malone has you covered with her review of the book and I think we all know, the book is better than whatever the movie will be!

What’s a summer movie without a peppy soundtrack? We’ll never get away from bouncy summer songs (if I have to hear the chorus of ‘Call Me Maybe’ one more time… And it’s stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry!) but at least this year, we can bask in nostalgia as Eimear Hurley takes a look at nineties’ pop stars, desperately trying to reclaim their youth and fortune by getting back together. Who doesn’t love the sound of the Steps reunion? Oh, what? Everybody?

If you’re into a bit of home pride, Orla Hodnett catches up with Irish duo Heathers and finds out all about their upcoming plans for the future and they give their insight to downloading and music promotion.

Despite the fact that Steps have reformed and we have to wait until November to see what I can only assume will be the deliciously awkward and cringe-worthy Breaking Dawn premiere, the upcoming academic year is promising to be a good one with releases such as The Hobbit, Iron Man 3 and Taken 2. Be sure to watch this space for the latest reviews and all your
entertainment needs!