Homemade Easter Eggs | Gary McKeating

Chocolate Coated Cream Filled Easter Eggs 2010

Easter is nearly upon us, and for chocolate lovers making homemade Easter eggs is a great way to make Easter even better. To make these delicious eggs you will need to get some egg moulds. I purchased mine from Kitchen Complements online and they worked extremely well.

For the Easter Eggs you will need:

200g of chocolate – I used 70% cocoa.

200g of white dhocolate.

(This should make 8 Easter eggs.)

This will allow the eggs to separate from the mould after and give the egg a shiny finish.

Then melt the white chocolate in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. Use a pastry brush to lightly paint half the egg moulds with the melted white chocolate. Layer up the white chocolate but make sure to keep it from getting too thick and keep it even throughout the mould.

Move on to the dark chocolate and melt that the same way you did the white chocolate. Use the same method to paint the other half of the moulds with the melted dark chocolate. Close the moulds together and freeze them for an hour. You will be left with half an egg of white chocolate and half dark chocolate.

Take out, smash and enjoy. Happy Easter!