House of Cards – Season Two Review

Hannah Flynn binge watches ‘House of Cards’ 2nd season on Netflix.

House of Cards is a compelling drama-thriller with a darkness which is addictive. Any followers of the show will know that the Netflix original series returned for a second season on February 14th. Given the quality of the first season, there was never much doubt that season two would keep up the high standard and it definitely does not disappoint.

Season two picks up with Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) after he has successfully manipulated his way into the Vice Presidency and follows him in his new position as he continues to scheme for more power and influence.

Robin Wright once again puts in a brilliant performance as Underwood’s equally power-hungry wife, Claire. The relationship between Claire and Frank is a large part of what makes this show so enthralling to watch. Their twisted power-games and subtle manipulation of those around them are as fascinating as they are disturbing. This season keeps the viewer glued as Claire and Frank repeatedly tear down those who stand in their way, while they themselves appear untouchable.

Kate Mara briefly returns as the ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes, more determined than ever to expose Underwood’s crimes from season one, but Underwood seems to always be one step ahead. Underwood is a villain you love to see at work. You enjoy both his successes and his failures and exposures as the corrupt politician he is. He appears to always dodge justice, but season two creates the sense that this cannot last forever. There is a constant atmosphere of tension as both Claire and Frank masterfully deceive the public, but meanwhile their enemies are hovering around them and we get the sense that their house of cards must fall: it is only a question of when.

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“Their twisted power-games and subtle manipulation of those around them are as fascinating as they are disturbing”


Season two also introduces and develops a number of sub-plots which are promising for future seasons. The characters of Jacqueline Sharp, Underwood’s replacement as majority whip and his apparent apprentice of sorts shows she can be as ruthless as Frank. The mysterious computer hacker Gavin Orsay circles around the truth about Frank. It is unclear what role these characters will play in the grand scheme of the series but their roles are welcome additions and it will be interesting to see how they feature in Frank’s future.

Overall season two keeps you gripped and immediately catches your attention with a tense and shocking opening episode, from there you can’t help but to watch one episode after another. Releasing all thirteen episodes at once Netflix gives you the perfect excuse to binge watch this series over a lazy weekend, and if you haven’t done so yet you’re missing out. Season two shows that House of Cards is one of the strongest shows currently out there and with plenty of loose ends to be tied up after the finale, it will be interesting to see where season three takes us.