How Awkward… | Leah Driscoll

Awkward moments – they’re not hard to come by, are they? As much as we like to think that we are gazelle like in our grace, prancing around every day with hair-swishing that would make Justin Bieber jealous, we are anything but. Our lives are bursting with awkward moments and we experience these on a daily basis. Here are a few daily, cringe worthy moments that us mere mortals cannot avoid.


Holding doors open for other people

It’s all well and good to be a considerate person who holds open the door for the person behind you. But sometimes there are those moments where you just can’t decide whether or not it’s appropriate. You know that moment when you have held the door open a few seconds too long and things are quickly turning creepy? The person behind you is probably beginning to think they don’t really want to walk into the same room as you anymore. Judging the distance between polite and perverted is a risky game, and one little contribution to the awkwardness of your day.


Saying goodbye to someone and walking in same direction

You have done your hugging, given your well wishes, made your jokes and have had enough of that person for the day. You bid one last jolly farewell, and then you both stride confidently in the same direction. Cue the awkward laughter.


When someone asks you for directions

Picture the scene: a confused tourist asks for directions to the bus station. You know where it is. You know where you are right now. You have lived here all of your life. Yet the sudden pressure of finding an ideal route for this helpless person has left you with no idea how to explain it. Mumbling a few lefts and rights is enough to let the person know you’re an idiot and they leave you, as you try to remember where you were going in the first place.


Meeting your Facebook stalking victims in person


Only creepy people can relate to this one. Have you ever stalked a total randomer that happened to pop up on your newsfeed and some time later been introduced to that very person? They tell you their name and you feel an overwhelming urge to say ‘I know.’ Instead you play it cool and don’t tell them it looked like they had a really good time from the photos of their holiday in Majorca.


When family members add you on Facebook

You know those moments when a friend request pops up and you feel somewhat more loved than a few moments before? Then you see it’s from your aunt, your uncle, or (from personal experience) your grandmother. You know things have hit rock bottom when your latest tagged photos become dinner table conversation.


Mistaken identity

The severityof awkwardness depends on how well you know the person. Usually, this is because the better you know a person, the more confidently you will greet them. Whether this means you shout their name, or attempt to scare them from behind, all goes pretty wrong when the shocked face of a stranger turns to meet you. Awkward.


Failing to defy the barriers in the library

Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered digging through your bag to find your student card. As you sneakily trail the person ahead of you, those damned barriers stop you from entering and instead lead you into the arms of a very grumpy security staff member.


Pointing out an awkward moment

As if being awkward wasn’t awkward enough, things are made even worse by the entertained onlookers. Facebook pages like Spotted Around UCC  have left people in eternal fear of doing something embarrassing. Remember that face plant you did while scurrying back to your desk in the library? Yeah, well now all 4,643 people who like Spotted UCC Library do too. The sniggers of laughter are nothing compared to the two hundred likes the spotted status describing the toilet paper stuck to your shoe will get. Big Brother is watching lads…


Of course, the best thing about awkward moments is getting to laugh about them after. While you may turn red faced as a wave of uncomfort washes over you, think about the entertainment you most likely gave to society. Maybe one day evolution will eliminate all awkwardness from human life. Until then, I wait in anticipation for the latest Spotted status…