Interview: Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Gemma Kent catches up with Cathal Histon, Mícheál Keating and Brendan McInerney from the Limerick-based band, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, to get the lowdown on their inspiration and the story behind their band name.

Our band name comes from the name of a bird from the Philippines, the Bleeding Heart Pigeon, which we found on the internet. We have no special story behind the name really; we liked it because it’s a beautiful bird and also because it’s kind of a confusing name. We thought the name Is was apt for our first album, because it’s full of existential themes and questions. We also thought it was a funny way of announcing our existence. As for, ‘In the Forest, I Feel Bizarrely More at Home’, it derives from the themes of the song itself: feeling separated from others, and being more comfortable and free in one’s own private wilderness.

Distorting reality is definitely something we are interested in. We look at things from weird angles to get a fresh viewpoint and make it feel alien: it helps to gain a new perspective on things. We also try to do this on our respective instruments, and in the lyrics too. It all came about quite naturally, in many respects, through the course of 8 years playing and exploring music together.

I think this album is informed by what was happening in our lives during its creation. Things like dropping out of university and breaking away; becoming adults and facing changes in relationships and people. We definitely felt isolated and confused after leaving behind our friends in college, all in order to pursue our music. It was a very strange time: it felt like we were jumping into adulthood a few years early. Suddenly we had this responsibility to create music, though, luckily, it was — and is — what we love to do.


At the moment, we are planning a couple of Irish shows for later on in the year. That’s as well as other secret stuff! In the meantime we are working on lots of new music which we are very excited about.