Interview: Sabado Tarde

Interview by Anna McCarthy

Sabado Tarde is a deep house DJ currently based in Cork. He is working with Deep Blue, a duo who have been running some massive House music nights across Cork over the course of the summer.  With the rise in popularity of House music, Sabado Tarde has certainly found his niche at the right time.

Hey Sabado Tarde! How did you become a deep house DJ?

-Well I’ve been playing various instruments from a very young age and I guess when I realised that it was as easy as downloading a programme on your laptop to get started with recording at home and producing from your own bedroom, I looked straight into that and downloaded Ableton, which is the software I still use today for all my productions.


As you have been playing music for a long time, did you always know you wanted to pursue a career in music?

-Well, funnily enough, for most of my teens I wanted to be a secondary school teacher, hoping to study P.E. and Irish. That was the plan for most of my school years until I was about 18 or so and I found a video on YouTube of Deadmau5 just sitting in a room in his house making these amazing tracks. I went on to try a couple of different things for a few years after that, but that video always lingered in the back of my mind, eating away at me as something I wanted to try and do. I had a serious hook to it that I couldn’t shake so eventually after a long time of putting it off I decided to just drop everything and really give it a go – so here we are now.


That’s cool. Would you say Deadmau5 has been a big inspiration?

-I guess there have been a lot of influences over the years, but Deadmau5 was the man who got me interested in this type of music and production in the first place. These days, and especially over the last few months, I’ve been influenced massively by the likes of Merrick, Detroit Swindle, Jonas Rathsman and Irish guys like Ejeca, Matador and Jack Dunne.


In house music, like any other genre, there’s a mixture of people using stage names and their real names. How did you come up with yours?

-I actually went through a pretty long list of terrible names before sticking to Sabado Tarde, although to most people it still probably makes no sense. Sabado Tarde was the name of the street I lived on in California for a summer with some close friends a year ago. I liked that as it meant something to me, but was still random and odd to everybody else.

So, how would you describe your music?

-I guess the most generic way to describe it would be to say its House music, but with that said, I tend to jump between a few sub genres from Deep House to Tech and old school 90’s stuff. With the popularity of Electronic Dance Music over the last few years the target audience is growing, especially that more EDM and House music is being featured in the charts. I think the music from the charts causes people to branch off into different subgenres of the music, that’s where my initial interest came from anyways.




Would you say that the DJ scene in Ireland is a popular one?

-It’s definitely growing massively right now. The scene in Dublin is absolutely huge at the moment, and with the Deep Blue guys over the last few months in Cork you can really see a massive growth already.


House music involves sampling from other tracks. How do you decide who to sample from?

-I sample anything at all that sounds good or that can be manipulated to sound good! When sampling I’m very open-minded and would often listen to a wide range of different genres. I enjoy music as a whole in general whether its acoustic stuff or Irish trad or whatever but also because you tend to find your best samples and ideas from something that’s totally different to the music your making yourself.


Do you ever include your own musical ability by playing instruments on your tracks?

-I definitely incorporate instruments like the guitar and piano on almost every track. I like to start by writing the melodies with those two instruments and going from there then.


Since you like all sorts of music, who are the artists you would love to feature on a track?

-Well if I had my way and I was producing at a different time I think all those old Motown artists would fit the house music genre so well. Guys like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding – I just think their soulful voices would have been unreal with the low bass sounds of house. As for now, I’d love to collaborate with Detroit Swindle, those lads are class.

What are your plans for the future?

-Right now just put the head down, work hard and improve as much as I can. I’m working on an EP at the moment and have two amazing vocalists from Cork, Leah Robins and Amy O Riordan, working on that with me, which is great. The EP is called Absent so keep and eye out for that, and of course I’ll be playing plenty of nights in the Cyprus Avenue at the Deep Blue events and around Ireland in the coming months too so that’s exciting also.

Are you excited to be the opening act for Format B in Cyprus Avenue?

Very excited, Format B are a huge international act and to be opening for them as my first gig in Cork is savage – especially during Fresher’s week. Really looking forward to September 10th now.

Unreal! Best of luck with that. Finally, since you’re playing during Fresher’s week, what is your pre-drink playlist for the first week of college?

  • Sonny Fodera – Work It
    ●Hot Natured – Benediction
    ●Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Vocal Edit)
    ●Ejeca – Jalek
    ●Sabado Tarde – Kaleidoscope

Sabado Tarde plays in Cyprus Avenue on September 10th. Find his music at