Interview: The Academic Epidemic

Claire Fox chats with Craig Fitzpatrick from band of the moment, The Academic, before they bid farewell to their Autumn tour in Cyprus Avenue tomorrow.

While many Louis Walsh bands are carved and polished through gruelling audition processes, some of Ireland’s greatest bands have been formed in the depths of dusty garages or underneath the rooves of moss covered garden sheds. School boy prodigies U2 are testament to such an earthy formation, with Irish band The Academic now following in the footsteps of Bono and the lads over thirty years later. Out in the wilds of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, The Academic developed their musical talent, fuelled a friendship and above all, had unrivalled banter together.
“We have been friends since we were kids. Matt and Stephen are brothers. We just did what a lot of other bands have done, we started off in a shed, making a lot of noise and somewhere along the way something started to click.” says lead singer Craig Fitzpatrick. We always look at ourselves first as a live band. The experience of playing together since we were kids, looking back on it was invaluable by the time we got round to releasing our first single.”

Reaching chart success in early 2015 with hit summer soundtrack Different, Craig admits that the band were shocked by the success of the song as it was the first record they had ever revealed to the public.
“We felt that “Different” was a great song when we wrote it. That been said we didn’t know how well it would do and whether other peopleimage1 (1) would like it. We couldn’t get over how far the song travelled considering it was our first single. Hearing that the song is getting played in places we have never been or heard of does surprise you.”

Having played a string of Irish dates, the lads will take their set to a sold-out gig at Cork’s Cyrpus Avenue Venue tomorrow Friday 30th October. Holding a passion for small venues where they can get close to the crowd, Craig expresses his excitement at taking their EP to the rebel city.
“Cork is one of our favourite cities to play in as a band. It’s almost a home from home. We love the people, love the city and love the venues. Cork audiences are some of the loudest we have ever played to. It’s really cool to be ending our Autumn Tour there.”