Interview with The Voice of Ireland Contestant, Jennifer Moore | Grace O’Sullivan

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Anyone who has watched RTÉ, bought a newspaper, or has been following @nbrez on Twitter lately will know all about The Voice of Ireland. It has spread over our land like an epidemic – making waves Operation Transformation are still in awe of. A recent show managed to clock up 700,000 viewers, making it the most watched show in the history of Irish television. There is no denying that being a part of this show would really make an impact on any Irish musician’s career and could potentially change their lives forever.

Jennifer Moore is one of Team Jamelia’s promising hopefuls for the live shows. A native of small town Dungarvan, she has taken the show by storm and inspired so many young people to follow their dreams. It’s clear that this 19-year-old has talent to boot and she could not be anymore down to earth or unassuming. ‘I can honestly say the whole experience has been amazing, I can’t believe it really. The response I’ve had has been great, it’s overwhelming.’ I think this is all part of her charm; she has the most infectious laugh that someone should bottle and sell as happiness. ‘I didn’t expect to get through my blind audition, let alone get to the live shows. It’s crazy!’

Obviously singing in front of an audience is a nerve wracking experience for any established musician – do you get nervous?

‘I just try and get on with it, I don’t really try cope with the nerves, but Jamelia’s helping me with all that so ‘tis grand.’

Being a reality show in its very essence, is there any cattiness between the contestants?

‘All the contestants are lovely. We are all in the same race, chasing the same dream.’

There does seem to be a bit of competitiveness going on between Bressie and Kian though – or is it all for the cameras?

‘Kian and Bressie do get on, I suppose it’s all a bit of banter.’

It seems Bressie gets stick for being good looking, and sometimes his credentials and career can be made light of, but, go on, tell us, what he is really like?

‘Bressie is grand, he’s great to all his contestants.’

What is Jamelia like to work with? She seems like such a pet on television, and it appears the Irish people have really warmed to her genuine character.

‘Jamelia is great to work with, I’ve the best coach by far. She’s very hands on and really believes in me, which is great. She’s lovely to work with too.’

Are there any bad parts about the whole experience or anything that you would change?

‘There really isn’t anything bad about the experience; it’s the best thing I’ve done. I don’t regret anything either.’

After the success of the show when you had your blind audition, what does it feel like becoming a household name?

‘I don’t think of it as becoming a household name really, I think of it more as following my childhood dream and having people listen to me singing and getting feedback. If I become one though, well, that’s great too!’

Jennifer really is pursuing her childhood dream – she truly is an inspiration to us all. What would be your one piece of advice to someone with a dream?

‘Never ever give up, don’t put yourself down, anything is possible if you go for it. You’ll get knockbacks, but that’s what makes you stronger.’


Jennifer’s live audition is on March 24th, RTÉ One, 6:30pm.