I’ve been editing student writing going on three years at this point, and one thing that never fails to amaze me is just how good it is. There’s an awful lot of literary and journalistic talent in our midst, and that’s true no matter the genre: fiction? Fantastic stuff. Current affairs? Wonderful. Poetry? Outstanding. But it’s not just raw talent that makes an article stand out to me – it’s also the passion behind it. It’s very easy to tell when a writer truly, deeply cares about their chosen genre or topic, and it’s a joyous thing to read.

Since September, Motley has received submissions on a range of subjects, from mental illness to politics to sports injuries. The common thread that runs through these pieces, as seemingly disparate as they are, is a real sense of caring. I’ve never been the type of person who thinks affected aloofness is cool – poking fun at people’s passions is simply boring when there’s so much in this world to pour your heart into. That’s maybe why I’ve been so drawn towards student media. A student publication, in my opinion, is an ideal place to talk about those things that drive your curiosity, or set your mind aflame. You’re holding in your hands a magazine that has always encouraged its contributors to think big, to look at the broader picture. As university students, we stand at the cutting edge of innovation, and at the precipice of the future. We’re meant to question things, and we’re meant to care about the major issues of today. One of those issues, one that comes up again and again in student writing, is – of course – climate change.

In this special themed issue, Motley tackles the environment and sustainability. Of all the problems facing the world’s younger generations at present, global warming sits at the forefront of our minds. The fact that human activity has irreversibly altered the earth’s climate, and continues to do so, is no longer deniable – instead, we’re left to ask: what now? What can we possibly do, now that things have been messed up so badly? This is the question we seek to answer, or at least offer a bit of insight to, this month. Alongside our usual mixture of current affairs and entertainment, we aim to inspire further conversations on topics including noise pollution, the ‘fast fashion’ industry, and modern technology. Most importantly, we aim to show that climate change is a terrifying and pressing issue – but it’s an uphill battle we haven’t been totally defeated in just yet.

As always, if you’re interested in contributing to future issues of Motley you can contact me at editor@motley.ie, or head over to Motley.ie for more information.

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