It’s beginning to look a lot like Tech-mas | Daniel Boland

It is the season of good will and happiness, so why not buy someone to a gadget-inspired gift or even treat yourself if you have some spare cash lying around. By some spare cash, I actually mean quite a lot as these gadgets are not for the faint-hearted on a shoe-string budget. If all else fails get out your pen and write a list to Santa.


AppleTVMarch2012_35160082_04_620x433Apple TV: Can Apple create something that the mass market will not want to buy? Doubtful – and the Apple TV is no exception. This sleek, black box displays glorious 1080p HD videos straight onto your television for your enjoyment. Apple TV streams videos from YouTube and Netflix at your leisure and it also plays music and films from your iPhone or iPad through Airplay. A caveat for those planning to buy this gadget is that the Apple TV requires a Wi-Fi connection for streaming and does not include a HDMI cable which needs to be bought separately. The Apple TV retails at around €110.



Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon created the Kindle on the basis of being an e-reader which proved incredibly popular. Competition meant that Amazon had to also branch out into the booming tablet market and as a result the Kindle Fire was born. This tablet has 8GB of storage which allows the user to store e-books and applications. The battery on the Kindle Fire boasts eight hours of consecutive reading while also allowing for seven hours of video playback. This tablet packs quite a punch and is currently the second-best-selling tablet, which is a far cry from the humble Kindle e-reader that burst onto the scene in 2007. The Kindle Fire retails at around €170.


PlayStation Vita

ps-vita1The portable console has come along way and the PS Vita manages to keep up effortlessly. This Sony creation was first released in February of this year but got off to a slow start. The Vita has gathered momentum with the choice of games currently available and looks to be a Christmas triumph. It’s is a similar shape to its predecessor, the PSP, but has an added analogue stick making the gaming experience feel closer to the home console experience. The system added a new game cartridge which means a whole new collection of games to buy with no backwards compatibility – but don’t let this detract from the PlayStation Vita, which is graphically superior to any portable games console on the market. The PS Vita retails at around €230 for the Wi-Fi only model and €290 for the Wi-Fi+3G model.


Polaroid Z2300W

tumblr_mdufq7qZ0g1qztdg6o1_1280The technology which the digital camera brought to the market was amazing, but who could forget the innovation Polaroid that brought us with the ability to hold your photo moments after taking it. This idea has been released back onto the market in the shape of the 10 mega-pixel Polaroid Z2300W. The camera features a 6x zoom and anti-shake to capture the most accurate photograph. The inclusion of a microphone allows for 720p HD video capture and the special ZINK Zero Ink paper means that no ink cartridges are needed for developing the photographs. The Polaroid Z2300W retails at around €140.


Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

mophie_juice_pack_powerstation_pro_backup_battery_1This portable energy device means that battery life for your Smartphone or Tablet is readily available on the go. Never again will you be caught short on battery life when trying to get something important done or just simply watching a film. The Powerstation Pro connects through USB, which means this energy booster will work on a great number of devices. The Powerstation has also been put through rigorous testing for dust and water resistance, meaning it can endure even the roughest of users. Mophie also stock phone cases which add battery life, but the Powerstation Pro is a universal charger that most gadget users will want in their inventory. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro retails at around €80.


440x330-samsung-galaxy-s3-frontSamsung Galaxy S3: The ultimate gadget this Christmas is a toss up between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. I have decided to put the Galaxy on this list because Apple already feature here and the Galaxy S3 is a powerhouse of technology. This smartphone features a 4.8” HD screen which is crystal clear and perfect for watching videos.  The S3 features an 8MP camera and includes 16GB of internal memory right out of the box. The drawback of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly the price, retailing at between €570-€600 this smartphone is for die hard fans of technology but as an owner of one myself I could not speak highly enough about it and it is worth every cent in my opinion. Samsung have taken the extreme pricing of the S3 on board and released a lower spec version of the phone aptly named the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which is available at a much more reasonable €370.

If you are lucky enough to win the Lotto, these gadgets should take pride and place in your collection. Even if you can only shell out for one of these pieces of technology it is sure to be a merry Christmas indeed!