How Joey Essex Ruined Fashion

It isn’t a grudge until you say so, Motley Editor Kieran Murphy details how Joey Essex has done more harm than good for men’s fashion

Every now and again a fashion icon comes a long and changes things for the better – then there’s Joey Essex. For year’s men’s fashion was moving forward, helped by Mad Men that inspired dapper gentleman and band’s like Arcade Fire that inspired the hipster movement. While skinny jeans and pointless scarves may be frowned upon by many it still counts as a particular style.

Much has been said about The Only Way is Essex’s influence on women’s style; Amy child’s setting bringing lipgloss and painted on eyebrows back to the forefront and Chloe Sims reminding us that it’s okay to try and scalp yourself with a ponytail. However when it comes to men of the show there’s no one more ‘stylish’ than Joey Essex.

Joey Essex’s typical style involves spray on skinny jeans rolled up to show off the ankles, a patterned t-shirt or short sleeved shirt and a pair of classic Nike Air Max. While we can applaud Joey’s confidence in showing off his scrawny body he is soley responsible for a wave of ‘mouse knuckle’ throughout the male population. As well as his unique choice of clothing Joey has also infiltrated men’s heads with his modern update on the bowl haircut. To achieve this look one must pop a bowl over their head and then shave around the sides, to complete style the hair upwards in a mad scientist manner.

Since reaching the dizzy heights of fame, Joey has become the poster child of TOPMAN where of course 95% of men buy their clothes (the other 5% purchasing in Jack n Jones) and this has had a trickle down effect to less luxe brands such as Penneys and Michael Guiney’s. This has created an influx of Joey Essex clones in poncy nightclubs and tapas bars which were once populated by hipsters and civil servants in mid life crises.

One of the major victims of Joey Essex’s style has been Union J who’s styling team, in an attempt to make them more releavant, have kitted them out in typical Joey grear but have had at least the common sense to have longer than average t-shirts to save our eyes from anything offensive

Unfortunately Joey will be all over our screens for the next few weeks as he enters the I’m a Celebrity jungle but only time will tell if the male population can ever rid themselves of short shorts, wonky haircuts and meggings.