Le Geek, C’est Chic | Leah Driscoll

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With the latest fashion accessories changing from tote bags to tablets, it seems these days that the most stylish thing you can own is the latest gadget. From iPhones to Kindles, getting tekkie has never been so trendy. In order to stay ahead of the trend, take a look at some plans for the tech-chic world.

Forget the days in which your watch simply told you the time. How predictable. Instead, look forward to timepieces like the Kickstarter Pebble Watch which allows you to connect wirelessly to your Smartphone or Android. Any notifications or messages you get no longer mean fishing through your Mary Poppins sized bag in order to find your phone, but instead glancing at your wrist, where your messages will be delivered onto a miniature screen. Your apps and music will also connect to the watch, which is available in a number of different colours. It’s about time (excuse the pun) a pretty and practical watch became available. It seems we won’t have long to wait either, with pre-orders already delivered last month. Apple, the current fashion technology king doesn’t seem to be far behind, with a rumoured iWatch in the works. You know if Apple is behind it, it’s going to be big.

Another mix of technology and fashion can be seen on the runway. Fashion GPS has become a must-have app for style gurus, from Heidi Klum to editors of Marie Claire. The app allows people to locate runway shows during fashion week, as well as store their invite on their phone, using bar codes. It also allows users to view images of fashion shows and share them online merely hours after the models have strutted their stuff on the runway. Unfortunately, this app is as exclusive as it is cool and membership is only possible for a select few fashion lovers. Until I take over Ms Wintour’s position at Vogue, I’ll remain outside of that club….

For us mere plebs, pretty clothes are still available at our fingertips. No high-street shop is complete without an app, saving you spending a rainy day trekking through shops and instead ordering your clothes from the comfort of your own home, with a cup of tea in hand. Other websites such as Asos or boohoo deliver your dream outfit right to your doorstep, without necessarily breaking the bank.

With apps and gadgets set to take over the fashion world, pretty soon it seems an outfit will not be complete without some form of an interactive screen attached to it. I cannot wait until this happens to the front of t-shirts, and we can all live the ultimate dream of becoming one of the Teletubbies. Until then, a swanky watch will do.

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