Lights, Camera, YouTube! | Daniel Boland

YouTube is like a second home to the avid vlogger, grabbing your camera and expressing your views to the millions of people who watch YouTube videos everyday. Sounds simple right ? In reality quite a lot of effort goes into filming a worthwhile video on the site. Many of us have sent links of humorous video clips from the site but how many of them have been from Irish video makers  more commonly known as YouTubers. I recently had the opporunity to ask two of Ireland’s most popular YouTubers, Seán Burke and Clare Cullen, a few questions about their YouTube experiences and any advice they have for someone who plans to upload a video.


Clare soared to YouTube success with her video ‘Shite Irish Girls Say’ which has gathered over one million views on the video site, while Seán rose to fame on YouTube through his video ‘20 Family Guy Impressions’ which has reached over five hundred thousand views. Both Clare and Seán centre their videos around humour to great success. A great deal of effort is required to have a successful video on YouTube, Clare suggests not to worry about what people are going to think and either go for it properly or not at all. Seán seems to be of the same opinion adding that keeping videos short and to the point holds the viewers attention.

There may be a defining moment in your life that will make you want to share your views online or you might randomly decide to upload a video from sheer boredom and an idea. Clare described how she was unable to go Oxegen one year and decided to upload a video entitled ‘What I Would Have Done at Oxegen’ and her YouTube experience began from there. Preparing for videos is a varying aspect when beginning to film videos for YouTube. Seán explained to me that his impression videos can take up to two days of preparation as he decides who he will impersonate and what he will say. Once everything is ready, the filming itself may only take ten minutes for Seán.

I mentioned earlier that quite a lot of effort goes in to uploading a video to YouTube and a lot of this comes from editing. Clare explains that the task of editing her footage depends on the length of her videos; editing can take hours if the videos are long but her aging computer doesn’t help much either. For Seán editing seems a little easier; his sketch videos mean editing becomes a little more complex and often requires the help of a friend. That doesn’t mean you can’t upload your video with mistakes and all but very few people would want to see you messing up what you want to say for five minutes.

sean-burke Fam Guy Screenshot

From watching videos on YouTube, we all know negativity is rife in the comments section. The ability to deal with unfavourable opinions is necessary when uploading a video to the site. Rising above this negativity isn’t always easy as Clare states she went through a period of letting these comments get to her personally. She even created ‘YouTube Comments IRL’ to show just how unnecessarily foul people can be on YouTube. Seán suggests blocking the offending user but embraces constructive criticism because thinking your videos are perfect is ridiculous. Both YouTubers agree that these internet ‘trolls’ don’t know them personally and if they did would never say some of the things written in the comments section of their videos!

Clare and Seán don’t just upload videos but also have their own favourite clips from the site. Firstly, Clare was a little indecisive but chose ‘Lily’s Disneyland Surprise’ while Seán chose ‘Llamas with Hats’. Enjoying what YouTube has to offer has granted hours of entertainment for many people but taking the plunge with uploading a video requires careful thinking. Hopefully the success and advice from two of Irelands favourite YouTubers shows just how rewarding filming your own videos can be.