MORNING COFFEE – Matthew Moynihan

I drink in your eyes like my morning coffee

rousing myself from my monotonous slumber. 


I frantically boil the kettle of your affections over and over 

spent steam rising and dissipating in my 



I’m done with the instant formulation.


I let your joie de vivre trickle through the filter, 

your caramel notes drip down into my mug. 


With a ravenous dispensation I drink you in again, 

you mark your territory – the​_​_ stains of caffeine

etched upon enamel. 


After we consume each other once again, 

what of us, my god, shall be left behind? 


Empty mugs, ash trays full to the brim 

and ruffled sheets our calling card. 


These tender moments easy living 

these fragments ink-bound by the bard. 

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