Motley Guide: Cork Film Festival Nov. 8th-10th

Motley Editor-In-Chief Dan Webb gives you a peak into some of the most interesting events happening on the opening weekend of Cork Film Festival


Well it’s that time of year again, when film enthusiasts rejoice and Cork becomes the centre of attention for an entire week. Last year the Motley team attended Cork Film Festival, and were amazed with the wide array of unique and inspiring films that they discovered. This year we are taking it up a notch, and delivering to you our personal selections for the festival running from November 7th to 17th. So kick back relax and grab yourself a bag of popcorn, as I give you Motley’s personal reccomendations for the opening weekend.


Friday November 8th

Ordinary Love

The Gate Cinema – 13:00

What can I say about Ordinary Love that I haven’t already. Following a normal everyday couple as they grapple with the greatest challenge of their lives. Ordinary Love is a beautiful, inspiring yet utterly heartbreaking story of a women fighting to beat cancer. Starring Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson, the pair steal the show and have fantastic onscreen chemistry together. I cannot recommend seeing this film anymore, warning though bring a box of tissues!

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The Report

The Gate – 18:00


One type of film that never fails to get its hooks into me is the investigative thriller. Providing the perfect marriage of two of my favourite pastimes, cinema and digging for the truth, it goes without saying that I’m a fan of any film that takes it’s audience on a journey of digging for facts. The Report caught my eye as soon as I saw it in the festival programme. Starring Adam Driver (Star Wars) the film follows an in depth investigation into the use of torture tactics by the CIA in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. Directed and Written by Scott Z Burns (No Time To Die) this political thriller is not one to miss.


Le Mans 66 – Dan’s Pick!!

The Everyman – 20:45


As anyone who knows me will remember Logan is one of my all time favourite films, and a perfect sendoff to one of the greatest on screen superhero persona’s ever Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. So is it much of a surprise then that I am absolutely hyped for director James Mangold’s latest release Le Mans 66. Dramatizing the famous showdown between Ford and Ferrari at the 24-hour Le Mans race in 1966, the film promises to take audiences to the heights of high octane action, and speed associated with racing. Starring Matt Damon as Caroll Shelby, and Christian Bale as Ken Miles, for the chance to see this film before it’s wider cinema release you bet I’m recommending it.


Saturday November 9th

Bonnie and Clyde

The Everyman – 15:30


As a film student, I always take great joy when I have the opportunity to talk to people about film history. There are several landmark turning points in the development of the film industry, however not many can claim to have the impact that this particular film had. Directed by Arthur Penn, Bonnie and Clyde shocked audiences and producers alike upon its release in 1967. Telling the tale of the famous titular bank robbing couple the film is noteworthy as being the point when a younger new wave of hollywood directors began to set the standard for what good cinema was. The likes of Spielberg, Scorscece, Lucas and Coppola owe a lot to this film for ushering in this new wave of cinema. Cork Film Festival are providing a unique chance to watch such a landmark film in the environment it was always intended to be seen in. 


The Cave (Tom Waller)

The Everyman – 18:15

Whenever a disaster happens on a grand scale, I find myself absolutely heartbroken watching live news coverage knowing there are people suffering, and in pain. However something positive that I can take from such tragedies, is just how much it galvanized people not just locally but as a national community. Tom Waller’s film The Cave attempts to highlight this, through its depiction of the events surrounding the entrapment of 12 boys and their coach in a cave in Thailand back in 2018. The film depicts the struggle of the boys to survive, and the global rescue effort that was going on above ground. Featuring several of those who were involved in the effort playing themselves, The Cave should be on everyone’s watchlist for the week.


Sunday November 10th


The Everyman – 13:00

Something that I feel the Cork Film Festival has always been fantastic at doing, is providing families with some entertaining and insightful films that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. When I was growing up I wasn’t exposed to many foreign animated films, which is why it makes me smile to know just how much of a variety kids now have access to. Away is an animated film which follows the adventures of a young boy, without ever saying a word. Directed by Gints Zilbalodis a Latvian filmmaker in his debut feature, the film looks absolutely stunning and unique in it’s animated style. It provides a fantastic way for families to begin their Cork Film Festival experience, with more to come during the week ahead.


To The Stars

Triskel Christchurch – 20:00

‘Courtesy of Sundance Institutue’


Something that nearly everyone can claim to have experienced in their lifetime is the bitter sting of rejection, and bullying. Unfortunately this is the harsh reality that a lot of people from every walk of life experience, whether on the school playground or in the workplace. Therefore any film that tries to tackle such issues is in my opinion extremely important to open debates, and destigmatize the feelings that those who victimized are experiencing. Martha Stephen’s To The Stars, explores the friendship between two girls outcasts in their local community. The film looks absolutely stunning, and explores themes such as bullying and domestic abuse. In my opinion this is one not to miss. 

Well that’s it for opening weekend, make sure to follow us on all social media channels for our coverage of festival events over the next 11 days

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