NUIG Legion of Mary Suspended After Promoting Ex-Gay Group

The NUIG Legion of Mary has been suspended today by the The University Societies Coordination Group. The society came under fire from students and online after promoting Courage International, a group which “ministers to those with homosexual or same-sex attractions” by promoting chastity.

The society placed posters on the NUIG campus which encouraged students to get in touch with the Dublin chapter of the organisation. The poster detailed how courage will students develop an “interior life of chastity” and also included the slogan “I’m a child of God. Don’t call me gay”.

Courage International is an approved apostolate of the  Catholic church, an organization of non clergy-people devoted to the mission of the church. The group was founded by the New York Archbishop Terence Cardinal Cooke in the early 80s and has just over 100 chapters worldwide.

Courage operates a 12 step program at its meetings which include “We admitted that we were powerless over homosexuality and our lives had become unmanageable.”

Read the full statement by NUIG below.


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“NUI Galway has a pluralist ethos and will not condone the production and dissemination of any material by students which discriminates against other students. Discrimination or implied or direct harassment, on the basis of sexual orientation and /or religion, is contrary to Irish and European law.

The Vice-President for the Student Experience initiated a process of enquiry to review the actions of the Society in question in the context of the University code of conduct, the University policy on harassment and Irish and European equality law.

The University Societies Coordination Group met yesterday, Tuesday 3rd December, and suspended the Society named the NUIG Legion of Mary with immediate effect.

NUI Galway is committed to protecting the liberty and equality of all students and does not condone such behaviour.”