An Entertainment Revolution

  Tadhg MacCionnaith explains the rapid evolution of entertainment. From YouTube to Netflix to the upcoming MEANS TV, Tadhg wonders how radical this revolution will get.   As you are all aware, streaming seems to be the direction in which entertainment is going at the moment. First there was Youtube, which has gone from hosting amateur to professional videos. The likes of Twitch mean we … Continue reading An Entertainment Revolution

A Volunteer’s View of Electric Picnic

  “Where do we pick up our bedding?” “I’m sorry?” The question, shouted to me over the cacanophy of funfair music by a middle-aged lady in pressed jeans and a spotless crêpe shirt, took a few seconds to fully register. I leaned in closer, and she yelled again in my ear. “Where – is – Pamper – The – Camper?  We – need – our … Continue reading A Volunteer’s View of Electric Picnic

We Need To Talk About A New Good Friday Agreement

  Matthew Moynihan highlights the need for a revised agreement in the threat of a no-deal Brexit. Tongue-in-cheek, he bluntly concludes that the cabinet of Boris Johnson is as bizarre as the man himself.   With Boris Johnson’s government performing what can only be described as diplomatic ‘flexing’ and the EU sticking resolutely to its position that the Withdrawal Agreement cannot be renegotiated, one thing … Continue reading We Need To Talk About A New Good Friday Agreement

China’s Chequebook Diplomacy

  Ben Ryan, having spent time in Malawi, draws from personal observation and global patterns in Chinese foreign investment to illustrate the diplomatic favour the state is currently inspiring with financial aid. The United States has retired into isolationism from being the world’s most overzealous policeman and now, China has begun to fill the void. The US and other nations have long been unwilling to … Continue reading China’s Chequebook Diplomacy

The True Cost

  Richard Kelly exposes the consequences of our relationship with clothing consumption and what we can do to change them before it’s too late. Have you ever asked ‘how do our fashion choices affect the planet? Are we subconsciously doing more damage than good by way of our clothing consumption?’ Unfortunately, the answer seems to be yes. In the digital age, it’s difficult to avoid … Continue reading The True Cost