UCC’s Confession:

Every month, Motley publishes a spill-your-guts confession. This month, our first confession is a thoughtful reflection on what it’s like not being out in your workplace.    The summer before last, I got a job at a manufacturing company. I didn’t have any specialised skills; I was packaging boxes filled with products. I just wanted […]

The Moralization of Sex in Irish Society – A Conversation with Holly Cairns

TD Holly Cairns has risen to prominence in recent months due to a series of high profile, scalpel-sharp speeches in the Dáil. These speeches resonated with voters far beyond her constituents.  The particular stand out was her devastating speech condemning the government’s inaction on the mother and baby homes. Motley’s Niamh Browne gets to know […]

Warped Vision: What Porn Is Doing To Our Society

The history of pornography is deeply entwined in with the collective human narrative since civilisation began. Emily Osborn takes a look at our relationships with modern pornography, and how it might be causing more harm than good.    Since at least the early 70’s, pornography has dominated modern media. From Playboy magazine to society’s latest […]

Editorial: Sexual Revolution 2.0

Undoubtedly we are living through a second-wave sexual revolution. A revolution of thought, of action and of feeling. In recent years the #MeToo movement has dethroned the powerful and shattered the halls of silence that allowed predators to sadistically wield their arsenal of perversity unchallenged. Silence is both a symptom and an agonist of the […]

Sex and the Cinema: A Timeline

Ronan Watters Explores the History of Sex as Depicted in Mainstream Cinema. We love sex on the screen. Whether it is the latest arthouse offering from Cannes or the countless free “movies” you can find online at various websites, the answer is clear, we are obsessed as a species with watching others doing the act. […]