Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Motley staff writer Ryan O’Neill sits down with Benjamin Francis Leftwich after his recent Cyprus Avenue show to talk about intimate gigs, returning to music and The 1975   Organising an interview via Facebook Messenger and hotel rooms are far from what one might consider ‘official protocol’. Yet it’s here in a modest and (somewhat) tidy city centre hotel room where I sit with Benjamin … Continue reading Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich


Let The Henebry Wax Cylinders Ring Out

A look into the next exhibition to feature in the Boole Library.   The backstory: We are a group of first year BAMUS students studying in University College Cork, in UCC’s music department on Sunday’s Well road. The music department in UCC offers a wide variety of unique and interesting modules and facilities, including a Gamelan ensemble, a World Music module and practise rooms containing … Continue reading Let The Henebry Wax Cylinders Ring Out


Labouring Games: The Harsh Realities of Working in Game Development Today

Colum Forde analyses the current issues at play in the labour force behind the gaming industry I’m going to go ahead and say that if you’re reading a piece about labour in the games industry, you have at least some passing interest in using your degree to enter the business in some fashion. If you do, no matter what area you hope to find yourself … Continue reading Labouring Games: The Harsh Realities of Working in Game Development Today

Newton Faulkner - New 2

Interview: Newton Faulkner

Hannah Kingston chats with (whatsapps) Newton Faulkner about his trademark sound, music-making, and the end of a certain hairstyle   “I’m crazy busy, so far I’ve written a handful of tracks I’ve really liked, I’ve been doing a lot of writing.” Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner is set to go on tour next week, showcasing a unique and authentic means of serenading his audience. In 2007, he … Continue reading Interview: Newton Faulkner