Waiting room in hospital

Poetry- Anointed

By Lizzie Kelly The doctor brings it up. I have never asked for a way out. He offers it to me always. Fists clenched and convulsing.  Dead, dying unborn. That  would not be unusual, for a girl of your age.  The blood looks yellow, as it hits the floor, diluting from the  moment it leaves […]

Motley Talks to Louize Carroll: Gender, psychology and the bass.

  Motley Magazine’s Ava Sommers sits down with bassist, psychologist and all-round badass Louize Carroll.  The first time I came across Louize Carroll, I was about fifteen. I was beginning to play bass in a band with my friends, but had only ever heard of male bassists before that. I began looking into iconic female […]

PaY Chromosomes – The Data Behind the Gender Pay Gap

Motley contributor Ava Somers writes about how the Gender Pay Gap is alive and well in Ireland.  What if I told you, you could earn less because you have brown eyes? Are less than 5’ 5”? Have blonde hair? Welcome to the world of women, where we earn less simply for not being given the […]

Female Sexuality Depicted in Jane the Virgin

Baneen Talpur discusses the popular television show and how it conquers sex related stereotypes that have plagued women for generations. “Hold the flower in your hand Jane,” Jane’s grandma asks her. “Now crush it and bring it back together, you can’t right? This is what happens when you lose your virginity, you CANNOT GO BACK.” […]

Styling bands and babes, an interview with Sarah Corcoran

Fashion editor Justine Lepage meets up with Cork-based stylist and art director  Sarah Corcoran for a chat about her muses, fashion tips and what it’s like to style rising stars of the Irish music scene. Oversized jewellery, animal prints, and romantic decadence are some staples of the universe Sarah Corcoran has been creating over the […]