Star Fox

Dead fox on the road,  This is not your home.    Dead fox on the road,  You have far to roam.    Dead fox on the road,  Your eyes as black as coal    Dead fox on the road,  Empty like a black hole    Dead fox on the road,  The sky awaits so blue.  […]

Photoshoot: Space

  Credits:   Photographer: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Models: Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Ellen @elleneganx Rosie O Byrne @rosie_sunset   Styling & Producing: Justine Lepage @loucoffee Claire Watson @claire.bee.watson Sinéad Mckeown @sinead_m.c.keown   Light: Justine Lepage @loucoffee   Hair: Aoife King @aoifeking_hair   Makeup: Annawen Lecas @annawen35   Disco Ball: Kate Miller @kaateclaire

Stevie G: Sharing Space in Cork’s Music Scene

Music in Ireland is just catching its momentum once again following the pandemic. As new acts form and venues open there is no better time to think about equality in music in Cork and beyond. Deputy Features and Opinions Editor Sarah O’Mahony speaks to renowned Red FM DJ Stephen ‘Stevie G’ Grainger. Stevie has been […]

How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Got Lost In Space

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Chloe Barrett, writes about the Guardians Of The Galaxy console game and explores the reason why it flew so low under the radar.   Marvel’s Avengers (2020) was released over two years ago, but the disappointment that followed has refused to age, still haunting the gaming industry to this day. Square Enix […]

The Race For Space: The Precariousness Surrounding Privatisation

Contributing writer Matthew James Quill addresses the vast array of different risks that the privatisation of space poses and highlights the issues of class privilege which surround this.   “I’m escaping to the one place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE!”, so echoes the voice of Premier Anatoly Cherdenko as he plans to leave […]