My Brilliant Friend and Female Friendship

Elizabeth Collins reviews ‘My Brilliant Friend’: A vicious full circle of female friendship.  I have never found it so hard to articulate my thoughts on a book. At first  I questioned whether this was because My Brilliant Friend is part of a four-part series, but it’s  not; in my mind, they are one book. I […]

Love and Lazarus: Replika Chatbot AI and Contemporary Loneliness

Contributing writer Amir Folorunso explores the world of artificial intelligence and how it often is not used for its intended purpose. Eugenia Kudya is a Russian born entrepreneur and ex-journalist. Before 2014, she was a journalist involved in the Russian alt skater scene. It was here she met Roman Mazurenko, a popular figure within their […]

How Bojack Horseman Shines a Light on Women’s Mental Health

Deputy Entertainment editor Chloe Barrett explores how the animated series pulls back the curtain on women’s mental health, with an emphasis on treatment and medication. The side effects of taking medication can be the most daunting part about finally taking the big step towards medicating. The contraceptive pill usually comes with a collapsible leaflet that […]

Checking up on CervicalCheck 

Features Editor, Édith de Faoite and Deputy Features Editor Sarah O’Mahony ask what now for the most controversial healthcare scandal of our generation.  The passing of Vicky Phelan in November shook the country. The intensity of the moment might distract you from the current work of Dáil and the HSE in improving the system, which […]

Fleabag Opening the Floodgates to Menopause

Staff Writer Lisa Ahern writes on Fleabag’s take on menopause. Menopause! A big, scary word that hangs over us young women throughout our lives. For a while, menopause was this unspoken topic that I rarely saw in the media; I had little idea about what was coming for me in the future. Luckily, Phoebe Waller-Bridge […]