The Perks of Being a YouTube Sensation

Elaine Murphy looks at some of the most famous and outrageous YouTubers to date.

If you want to get rich or famous these days, just pick up a camera and get posting on YouTube – that’s where the market for fame and fortune lies. It can be as simple as confessing your love for Britney, or filming a piano playing cat and producing thousands of memes thereafter. Not only are there the innocent people who post obscene and crazy videos, but some people have made a career out of their ordeals, these people are known as YouTubers.

YouTubers have it all, receiving greater customizing options for their channel, earning up to $5 for every 1000 views they get for their videos, and making more money every time someone views or subscribes to their channel. Furthermore, YouTubers get 50% of the advertising revenue from advertisements on their videos. Tanya Burr comes to mind as she has gained immense success from her channel. As of September 17th, 2013 she has garnered 1.3m subscribers to her main channel and and receives over 5m views a month, with a combined viewing figure of 70,673,737 for her videos. While some of us ordinary people have to get up and go to work every day, Tanya’s day consists of turning on a camera and applying make-up to herself. It’s that easy! Because of this, she is laughing all the way to the bank, people. It is true that well known YouTubers are offered deals from companies to promote their products. Partners earn extra money, and advertisers get product placement. So basically everybody wins! The YouTubers get free stuff and the companies earn extra cash.

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I guess Sweet Brown has plenty of time on her hands now with all the rewards she’s been reaping.


Not only are the 19-year-old identical twins Jack and Finn Harries incredibly handsome and witty, they’ve also managed to turn themselves into internet sensations. Initially, Jack made videos by himself way back in 2011 with his channel JacksGap. However, the popularity of JacksGap didn’t increase significantly until he invited his brother Finn to join him. Due to the twins’ chemistry on screen and their undeniable humour, the channel now has more than 700,000 subscribers and more than 30m video views. As a result of such success, the twin’s now receive immense business opportunities that they would not receive otherwise. Troye Sivan is another young YouTuber with great credentials. Currently he has over 850,000 subscribers and over 25,000,000 views. Not only has Troye joined the world of YouTube successfully, but in recent times he has been able to use his fame to great advantage. On August 7th 2013, Troye announced to his followers and the world that he was gay. Troye says at the start of the video how “this is the most nervous I’ve ever been”. He speaks candidly as to how he has kept it secret for so long but no longer cares what others think. Troye has successfully manipulated the world of YouTube in order to bring out a message that is important to him and millions around the world. To date the video has received over 1,500,000 hits. His inspirational words just show how powerful the medium of internet can really be.

Moreover people have accidentally been dragged into the depths of fame unknowingly. Such as Sweet Brown and Antoine Dodson, they were just in the right place at the right time in addition to their unique storytelling and personalities. Poor old Sweet Brown was “eating a cold pop” and thought someone was “barbecuing or something”, but then the smoke got to her. She’s got bronchitis and really, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Due to the fire in her apartment block and the subsequent news interview, the video to date has received 44m views and was posted over a year ago. I guess Sweet Brown has plenty of time on her hands now with all the rewards she’s been reaping. Not forgetting Antoine Dodson who publicly stood up for his sister’s right as she was “attacked by some idiot in the Projects”. Let’s face it that idiot was so dumb, for real. What further propelled Dodson to YouTube glory was the subsequent remix of his news interview claiming an unbelievable 117, 766, 622 views to date. As a result of “the rapists up in here” sensation, Dodson has now gone onto pursue a career in rap.

There have been countless YouTube sensations over the years and it is extremely difficult to choose from such a high standard. Videos go viral every day and it is a great way for the world to connect and share their opinion, as well as making a bit of cash on the way. From the uncanny truth and sincerity of Troye Sivan to the laugh out loud moments of Antoine Dodson, the internet has many perks and is probably the most powerful medium of getting one’s message publicised today.