By Shauna O’ Connor


“Oh, the Earth was made for lovers”,

But I have never been a muse.

Romance, I had considered dead, 

Never something I could choose.


Not like the gold-hued days of old,

When poets bled passion on paper, 

When men stole kisses from sweethearts, 

And women dried flowers from nature.


Bewitch me body and soul, 

And remind my heart to beat.

Make me feel half agony, half hope, 

A love intense enough to keep.


Now the ballads have turned into techno, 

And the dance halls have morphed into clubs.

We don’t waltz with handsome strangers,

Scrapbook love letters or ticket stubs.


But love has never withered away, 

Locked in poems of centuries past.

Now he seeks to send a funny meme, 

Something he hopes will make me laugh.


It’s not a letter inked in fountain pen, 

Or a miniature preserved in a locket,

But it’s a modern love, a new-fangled thing, 

An entire romance stored in a pocket. 

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