By Cormac McCarthy


Passing out that slow-walker

Mistakenly brushing their hand on the overtake

That’s modern love


Seeing a tweet from seven years ago

And hoping the Maroon 5 obsession was just a phase

That’s modern love


A chance second encounter in the middle aisle of Aldi, 

While feigning interest in a significantly reduced shower-shelf

That’s modern love


He climbs the stairs by taking overly large leaps

It was nice while it lasted but you’ll have to drop him

That’s modern love


Complimenting the flavour of a fellow Phoebe Bridgers attendee’s elf bar

And asking has she broken in her docks

That’s modern love


Wondering if she can already tell that she’s talking to an imbecile

Even though its been thirty seconds and she’s done all the talking

That’s modern love


Seeing he’s after using a very flattering photo on his LinkedIn profile

And knowing who he’s cropped out  

That’s modern love


Looking over previous texts 

And telling yourself it might be wise to reign in on the emojis 

That’s modern love


Googling the plot of the film 

So that you know when to lean in 

That’s modern love


Shoehorning Austin Powers references into everything

Even though it hasn’t worked the previous ten times

That’s modern love baby


All you can hope for, is that they’re also into a bit of modern love too. 

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