By Noreen Angozi


Tonight the stars call upon you and beckon you to dance. 

I know you have no rhythm but I fall carelessly in the face of love.

As I muster a laugh, you scream to the stars,

Challenging them to a game you were bound to lose.


Embers pirouette through the lukewarm air as you crack your limbs in place,

Your neck locks and left-feet twist – a dance, I believe.

For a moment, as I sit here, my ability to laugh diminishes;

I see the evening star begin her performance –

Through the night sky she floats alongside her sisters,

The moon an admirable coach

-You never stood a chance, my love.


There is something human in the movement of the sky tonight.

How they watch our love slip into spring, 

Eyes ripe with compassion and understanding.

You collapse to the floor declaring your losses, 

While I throw a marshmallow at your feet.

Eyes wired shut, you wish upon a star.

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