By Ava Palmer


No one can hear me,
As I walk past your door,
My evening shadow
On the pavement
Is as silent as my footsteps.

A whisper in the wind floats past your ear,
As I draw near,
I swear our fingers touch,
This time I swear.

You turn your head,
And I know you’ve felt
Me. However briefly.
You try to apologise.
Your eyes sweep past me,
Through me,
Before you shrug, and turn away.

A single drop in your ocean
Is all I’ll ever be.
It’s not your fault,
You never notice me.

I pass through people’s lives,
Present in the shadows and
Gone without notice.
I am not someone remarkable,
But remarkably invisible.
You would not be any worse,
Or better off,
If I just ceased to exist.

Can you see me?
As I fade away to ashes.
Can you feel me?
As I am dragged into the void.
Can you hear me?
As my last breath
Screams the sound of your name.
For I was always yours,
But you were never mine.

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