By Morgan Lyons


Modern love

Is love modern?

Modern to love myself, modern to see myself

To run my hands over my body without inspection

Without search for perfection

Modern to hug myself

Support myself

Let myself

Rest, eat, move

No, not let


Encouragement, not punishment

Not depreciation

Rest with a clear conscience, clear goals, clear boundaries

Humans can be still, be comfortable, be at ease without excuses


To the me on your period, you have nothing to prove

Sleep in, drink your tea, watch your comfort movie

You know the one

No need to be busy, to prove your worth

Fighting the patriarchy means surrendering to rest


To the me craving a snack

You are hungry

Not evil, not greedy, not naughty

Nourish your body, nourish your mind

Your soul

That voice in your head that tells you you couldn’t possibly be hungry?

Hear it, smile, and tell it to fuck off

Tell it you are here, you exist, you have taste buds

And a stomach

And bodyfat

You have a body which is devoted to you

A body which loves to move

Move out of freedom, not out of punishment

Move for the endorphins, the blood rush, the joy

Laugh out loud on the yoga mat

Move when you are ready, when you feel excited to, when it will bring you joy


To a younger me

Your love is expanding, growing, changing


Your love is history, your own history, formed over your years

Your love is your evolution, your experiences, your battles

Your terms

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