Procrastination Station

Jessica Finch examines and encourages the fatal flaw of every student known to man.

Procrastination- something that’s all too familiar to your average student. College students have it the hardest as everything we do is internet-based. After a few months in college your routine quickly becomes: turn on laptop with intentions to study, check Facebook, read The Daily Mail website, maybe throw in a quick game on Sporcle, recheck Facebook, just in case something mind-blowing happened since you last refreshed your newsfeed, and then finally on to UCC Portal. Here you spend way too long pouring over “events for the coming week” emails. Despite the fact that you have no intentions of attending the “postgraduate studies in Europe” talk you read through it carefully, only to prolong the procrastinating even further.

    For some unknown reason, before you do anything on your laptop, Facebook needs to be checked. Knowing what’s been happening in your ‘friend’s’ lives is a must, it seems. Do anyone else’s fingers automatically, and sometimes subconsciously, type Facebook into the search bar the minute Google is opened? And when you’re finished on Facebook, Sporcle is another website that you could easily spend all day on. For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time, I am truly sorry. I have effectively ruined the remainder of your education. Sporcle is a website compiled of hundreds of trivia games on topics ranging from television to literature to geography. It’s highly addictive, dangerous and has to be checked out by those of you who have not experienced it before.

    Another dangerous phenomenon, undoubtedly making the number of repeat exams in August rise, is that of websites such as 4oD and the RTE Player. This is probably the most entertaining form of procrastination but also the most addictive. I can’t stress enough the importance of not beginning a new series coming up to exams or essay deadlines. TV shows are detrimental to study, and once you’re hooked, you’re one time achievable dream of attaining a 1.1 in your final exams, will most certainly come crashing down around you. I can almost hear the thousands of Breaking Bad fans crying out for help, myself included.

    Students tend to be drawn to the websites that are the least conducive to study. For some reason, it is much more enjoyable to spend an hour reading ridiculous articles on The Daily Mail website about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West going to the cinema, or about a woman giving birth to a set of twins with two different fathers, than to actually learn something about your college course. I know however, from my time spent in the library procrastinating and absently watching others do the same, that I am not alone in my desire to waste my study time on useless websites. Whether you enjoy creeping on random friends on Facebook, reading silly articles on The Daily Mail, relentlessly trying to beat your top score on Sporcle or simply getting lost in the world of your favourite sitcom, we all know procrastination is unavoidable. So instead of fighting it, embrace it, because after all if you can’t beat ‘em…