Purple Reign

Purple is the new black for menswear this season, writes Jordan Norris

With Halloween wrapped up and the cold weather on its’ way – it looks like it might be time for us to follow suit. However, this winter keeping warm comes with a twist. Yes, 2017’s winter wardrobe means you can stay stylish and warm with a hint of a little something spectacular: say hello to the purple revolution.

The Weeknd’ crew neck sweatshirt – H&M – €23.95

Purple has made its long-anticipated return to our shelves in sensational fashion. Whether it’s a retro look tinged with grape, or a little splash of burgundy to brighten up your lifeless greys – there’s always room for some purple in your look. You can walk down the streets making people question whether it’s the 70s again, or you can break the mould and follow all the latest trends to turn heads wherever you go.

H&M have truly jumped on the purple bandwagon, with their new collection selected by none other than the Weeknd. Having one of music’s hottest properties select your outfit isn’t a bad way to begin.

This varsity jacket complements any old-school aesthetic, whilst playing on the idea of Americana. Whether it’s stepping out to the shops or heading to the club, this is one which suits all walks of life.

ASOS has also become a major player when it comes to kitting out teenagers and young adults – with them too offering simplistic and affordable ways to incorporate some purple power into your outfit. A simple oversized hoodie makes for perfect loungewear, while also being more than stylish enough when it comes to comfortable outdoor wear.

ASOS Hoodie in Purple – ASOS – €24.32

When it comes to decking out the lower ends with some well needed sparkle, 11 Degrees’ Core Joggers range for A/W17 offer plenty of shades of our favourite colour – providing a sporty, simplistic look with a hint of trendiness.

Core Joggers in Purple – 11 Degrees – €16.75

Multiple shades mean multiple looks and multiple opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Men: purple is back, and long may it reign.