Quickfire Review: Gaslight Anthem’s Get Hurt

Artist: The Gaslight Anthem

Album: Get Hurt

Rating: 3/5

The Gaslight Anthem’s fifth studio album Get Hurt, to put it simply, is no American Slang or

The 59’ Sound. It’s not even as enjoyable as The B-Sides. There was a lot of hype

surrounding the release of Get Hurt – far more than with any previous Gaslight Anthem

album. Brian Fallon had promised fans a “career changing” record but this album seems to

have been shot through the same grungy, nostalgic, punk rock filter as ever. With 12 new,

solid, standard songs to add to your Gaslight collection (or 15 on the unnecessary Deluxe

Edition), very few jump out as potential future favourites like ‘Great Expectations’ or ‘Here’s

Looking At You Kid.’ Even the title song itself is underwhelming. It had already been evident

in parts of previous studio album Handwritten that Fallon et al’s song writing was beginning

to lack in originally, and despite Get Hurt being inspired by his recent divorce, lyrics in this

latest LP sound almost tired out. Get Hurt will satisfy hard-core fans and add a few more

tracks to a Gaslight Anthem Spotify playlist but it’s hard to see it as a step up or change of route

in the journey of The Gaslight Anthem. Ellen Desmond.